200,000 Modern Warfare and Warzone cheats hit by ban hammer says Infinity Ward

Call Of Duty: Warzone screenshot

Call Of Duty: Warzone – at least some cheats won’t be prospering (pic: Activision)

A new Call Of Duty anti-cheat update has revealed that tens of thousands more players have been banned ahead of the release of Cold War.

Infinity Ward is making good on its promise of zero tolerance for cheaters in Call Of Duty, claiming that over 200,000 accounts have been banned for cheating across both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

According to publisher Activision over 70,000 Warzone players were banned back in April, but there’s no indication what the breakdown is between Modern Warfare and Warzone in the new total.

The new milestone was hit after the developer began focusing on cheat mod EngineOwning and streamers that used it, the highest profile victim so far being Nick ‘Wagnificentt’ Wagner.

The issue of cheating in Call Of Duty has become more complicated since the start of cross-play, as PC games are easier to hack and only PlayStation 4 owners have the option to turn off cross-play matchmaking.

Since Warzone will be continuing on well past the release of next month’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War that problem’s not going to go away, but clearly the developers want to send a message that cheaters will not be tolerated.

That said, the biggest problem in Call Of Duty at the moment has been caused by Infinity Ward, with the new AS Val gun proving so powerful many have claimed that it’s broken the game.

When combined with the SPP 10-round attachment it shoots through walls as if they’re not even there and until a patch is released there’s not much anyone can do about it.

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Source: Metro UK

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