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A – Z kvk rise of kingdoms – New Guide

The kvk rise of kingdoms, Kingdom vs Kingdom event or the Lost Kingdom event is the most highly anticipated and fun event in the game. This event lasts months long and will completely change the way you play before.

rise of kingdoms kvk guide

In the KvK event you are no longer competing against the other players and alliances within your kingdom. Instead you must align yourself with all the members in your kingdom. You all will be competing against the 7 other kingdoms within your larger server.

When The Next Crusade Event has ended, The Lost Kingdom will then be opened to all 8 kingdoms and they will all compete to conquer the Kings Land, and the Great Ziggurat.

The Lost Kingdom Opens Past Glory Begins – Kvk rise of kingdoms

RoK Description

This magnificent kingdom has been overrun by barbarians for far too long. The ancient flames of the Last Crusade have been rekindled once more. Who will be master of the Lost Kingdom once all is said and done?

Rise of Kingdoms The Lost Kingdom map
  1. Governors with city halls Level 16 or higher can teleport into the Lost Kingdom province corresponding to their home kingdom.
  2. ​Alliances can only build alliance fortresses within the Lost Kingdom. Alliance canter fortresses cannot be built.
  3. ​Alliances can build crusader flags within the Lost Kingdom. Building crusader flags is the only way to expand alliance territory within the Lost Kingdom.
  4. ​A new type of alliance resource point will be available within the Lost Kingdom: alliance crystal fields. Alliance crystal fields produce alliance crystals, which are an essential resource for constructing crusader flags. 
  5. After entering the Lost Kingdom, governors will only be able to use Territorial Teleports to teleport onto alliance territory. Governors will be unable to teleport into unoccupied regions or ineffective territory.
  6. ​Enemy cities cannot be attacked while located on enemy territory (excluding ineffective territory), but armies on the map can be attacked.
  7. ​After entering the Lost Kingdom, governors can use a Targeted Teleport to return to their home kingdom at any time.
  8. ​Only governors located within the Lost Kingdom can participate in the Lost Kingdom event series.

In the Lost Kingdom, you, your alliance, and the rest of your kingdom will have a chance to compete directly with other kingdoms. This will be a long contest. The price of victory will be great, but the rewards will be greater still. Good luck!

The Lost Kingdoms usually starts 3 months after last lost kingdoms so you have plenty of time to prepare your speedups resources and commanders.

How to Get Into The Lost Kingdom Map?

To teleport in the Lost Kingdom you have to click the icon on the top right of the screen. Then click teleport. The game will be restarted and you will be teleport to a random location in the beginner zone of your kingdom.

Your city hall must be level 17 to be able to teleport in the lost kingdom.

To return from the Lost Kingdom you will need to use a teleport item.

Rise Of Kingdoms the lost kingdom teleport , how to enter and leave lost kingdom

Lost Kingdom Map

Lost Kingdom is a place where 8 kingdoms will have their starting zone were other kingdoms cant enter or teleport.

At the end of KVK, other kingdoms will be able to enter your kingdom starting zone.


Honor is divided into 3 categories:

  1. Individual Ranking
  2. Alliance Ranking
  3. Kingdom Ranking

So farming points and having active kingdoms and alliances is important. If you do not have them you will miss very nice rewards that can speed up your progress on getting tier 5 unit or upgrading your commanders. 

That is why people call it KVK because you will fight other kingdoms for that first place, for ocupations, for farming.

The reward is so good in the lost kingdom and that is the right time to be active. After lost kingdom, you can take a break from the game, restock with resources and with speedups. 


Individual KVK

Farming individual alliance points are most important after helping you kingdoms fighting against other kingdoms 

Why is farming individual points very important?

Because without individual points you cant claim Alliance or kingdom achievement rewards. With farming them you will help your kingdom and alliance members and as a bonus, you will get insanely good achievements rewards that other events will not give you.

You want to farm individual points not only because you will get achievements rewards but there is ranking for most individual points that can give you legendary city skin and an insane amount of legendary sculptures. 


Rise Of Kingdoms thwee lost kingdoms KVK Alliance rewards

Alliance Honor is important same as individual points. There are achievements and ranking lists for the most active alliance.
So you want to be in the most active alliance in your kingdom that will push for first place on the leaderboard.

Alliance points can be obtained by individual member points, first occupation of buildings. The building will give alliance and kingdom points per hour. So you want to fight other kingdoms for buildings.


Rise Of Kingdoms the lost kingdom kingdom rewards Kingdom KVK

Kingdom’s honor points are calculated on all activity on your kingdom. That includes individual points from all players from your kingdoms, total kingdom-building occupation, building production.

How To Farm Honor Points

Rise Of Kingdoms Farming honor with Ancient Ruins

Farming points are not very hard but it will take your time. 

Before KVK start you will have to save your Action Points as much you can. You will spend it all in the lost kingdom on farming barbarians and forts. 

There are 3 ways to farm honor points at lost kingdoms:

  1. Dark ruins 
  2. Destroying barbarians 
  3. Destroying Forts 

Dark ruins will give you so many honor points. You want to check whenever you enter the game when dark ruins will be activated. If you will not be able to be only during dark ruins then send 1 march of troops to camp there. 

Destroying barbarians– every day use your daily free attack points to kill barbarians. You want to use Yi Seong-Gye for AOE killing if you do not have it the use peacekeeper commanders like Boudica and Lohar. 

Save your attack power for zone 3 or 4 the use all your attack points. The more attack points you are using you will get more. Because part of rewards is free attack points. 

I would suggest you destroy barbarians because they will give you speedups and gems that you can use in an event like The Mightiest Governor or for fighting. 

Destroy forts only if you do not have a castle on the max level. You can get many more Book Of Covenant from destroying forts in the lost kingdom. 

How to prepare for the Lost Kingdom

Rise of Kingdoms preparation for the lost kingdoms with resources, speedups, teleport shields

Save your attack points that you will use for destroying barbarians in the lost kingdom.
Save your speedups for fighting as much you can. You will need it all.

Buy teleport and shields. They are important so you can get fast on locations or if you are going offline so you can teleport back on safe locations. If you have a good spot for fighting and you have to leave Rise Of Kingdoms, just use your shield.

Having a farm account. Farm account is important for getting resources. While you are fighting you can farm resources in the safe zone.

Saving resources- you must save resources before KVK starts. You will not have time to farm them if you are in a war.

Tips For Opening of the Lost Kingdom

When the Lost Secret Event finally ends the Lost Kingdom will be opened to all 8 kingdoms in the surrounding area. However, each kingdom will be given a specific province to teleport into. In this province your alliance and your kingdom will be given some time to get a foothold within the Lost Kingdom before the larger battle begins. When you first teleport to the Lost Kingdom the game with randomly teleport you into your select province. Help you alliance grow quickly and teleport to your newly acquired territory.

At the beginning you should get as many of your alliance members to teleport into the Lost Kingdom as possible. You will want to expand your territory quickly. The key here is to expand your alliance territory to capture as much of the alliance crystal fields as possible. You will need the crystals to create more flags and gain territory, so in the beginning target these resource tiles exclusively.

The next thing your alliance and kingdom should consider doing is beginning to create allies out of the neighboring kingdoms. The KvK event is a long brutal event, the more allies you can gain, the better your chances are for coming out of it on top. Plus if you are able to ally with the neighboring kingdoms it will give you more time to strengthen your forces within the Lost Kingdom before going to war. Also you will have more armies to protect and capture the essential Lost Kingdom Passes. Controlling the passes in the Lost Kingdom provide a crucial advantage in all of the Events and in the final push for control of the map.

The Lost Kingdom Event Past Glory

The forefathers of civilization launched their Last Crusade in these lands, and were dealt a crushing defeat. Now their descendants have returned to rebuild the ancient crusader fortresses and restore their past glory.

  1. The “Past Glory” event is divided into three stages. Upon completion of each stage, all governors from the fortress’ home kingdom will receive a powerful buff (this buff only takes effect within the Lost Kingdom).
  2. ​At the end of the “Past Glory” event, the crusader fortress will be rebuilt and all Lost Kingdom territory controlled by alliances from the fortress’ home kingdom will share a unified color. At this point, governors will be able to teleport onto all territory controlled by alliances from their home kingdom.
  3. ​If completion requirements have not been achieved by the end of the countdown, the event will automatically be completed.

Stage 1: Ashes & Dust

RoK Description

Rise of Kingdoms Past Glory Event

Soon a towering fortress will be constructed upon these dust-covered ruins, and we will begin our conquest of these forgotten lands.

  1. Governors can donate resources to rebuild their kingdom’s crusader fortress.
  2. ​Governors will receive a Crusader’s Supply Chest containing item rewards for each donation.
  3. ​Once the current rebuilding stage is completed, the next stage will begin.

Tips on Stage 1: Ashes & Dust

The first stage of the Rise of Kingdoms Past Glory event is simple. Your kingdom will work together to rebuild the ruins. This is the same concept as donating to your alliance research.

Rise of Kingdom Chests

This event is simple to accomplish and has excellent rewards. The resources that you will use in this event will be expensive. However, the rewards you will gain are more than worth it. Donate as often as possible, and gain as many of the Crusader’s Supply Chests as you can. Each time you donate you will receive one of the Supply Chests, the rewards within in each chest are well worth the donations.

Stage 2: Annihilation

RoK Description

Rise of Kingdoms KvK Stage 2

Our enemies are as powerful as ever, but our civilizations have grown much stronger. Now is the time to rewrite history!

  1. ​Governors will be able to claim rewards for every 10 barbarian troops defeated and every 3 barbarian forts destroyed.
  2. Claiming rewards will also speed up the reconstruction of your kingdom’s crusader fortress. Once the current rebuilding stage is completed, the next stage will begin.