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Activision bans 500,000 Call Of Duty accounts to combat toxic players

image of cod soldiers with a toxic waste sign

Devs want to prevent toxicity and cheating making its way to Warzone 2 (pic: YouTube)

Half a million Call Of Duty accounts have been banned in an attempt to rid the game of cheating and toxicity.

For the first time ever, developer Activision has revealed statistics regarding the progress of its Ricochet anti-cheat process.

The filtering system was introduced in 2021, in an attempt to ‘scrub’ the game’s global database and remove toxic users.  

Many players fear that if stricter rules don’t come into place the toxicity and constant hacking will also ruin their Warzone 2 experience, as the game is set to launch later this year. 

The numbers show that 500,000 have been banned to date. On top of that, 300,000 players were forced to change their usernames, with Activision acknowledging that battling toxicity requires a ‘24/7 sustained effort.’ 

It’s not uncommon to see Warzone players jumping off to other battle royals titles such as Apex Legends or Fortnite, as Twitch streamer Nickmercs did months ago.

Twitter user CharlieIntel also pointed out that Activision launched a new code of conduct for Call Of Duty. All players wishing to enter the Modern Warfare 2 beta are prompted to read it in order to continue. 

These are the three core values of the new code of conduct, as seen on the game’s website: 

  • Treat everyone with respect 
  • Compete with integrity 
  • Stay vigilant 

Since the game’s last community update, developers also added more languages (bringing the total to 14) to in-game, text-based chat and name creation moderation. 

Although Warzone 2 is nearing its release, there’s no real information about it besides the fact that it will co-exist with the current version of Warzone. 

There might be a swimming mechanic though, according to rumours, as the new map will supposedly be partially submerged in water. 

Speaking of new releases, Activision finally confirmed a mobile version of the game with a new teaser that dropped a few days ago. 

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