Amazon PS5 UK deliveries see console swapped for foot massager and cat food

PS5 Amazon delivery of cat food

That is not a PS5 (pic: Twitter)

Many people didn’t get a chance to buy a PS5 yesterday, but it seems even those that had pre-ordered earlier didn’t get their console.

Sitting at home, waiting for the delivery person to arrive, is always a tense moment but it seems that a worryingly large number of people who were expecting a PlayStation 5 from Amazon yesterday were let down, and not in the way you’d imagine.

It seems even if a parcel did arrive it didn’t necessarily contain a PlayStation 5, with angry customers reporting the delivery of everything from a foot massager to a coffee machine.

One of the first reports was from video games journalist Bex May, who occasionally writes for Metro and was attempting to document the arrival of her PlayStation 5 – only to find out that she’d been sent an air fryer for cooking chips instead.

Both she and others report the boxes the items arrived in as being shoddily packaged, and not always using the distinctive official Amazon tape.

Worst of all, not only did May not order an air fryer but the delivery person apparently pretended to deliver the PlayStation 5 at midday, before swapping the console for the air fryer later in the day.

Several customers have reported similar activity, claiming that a courier did initially arrive but never exited their vehicle and quickly drove off.

Amazon will no doubt be just as furious to find out about all this as their would-be customers, although that doesn’t help anyone that was hoping to get a new console yesterday.

GameCentral has contacted Amazon for comment and will update this story if they reply.

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Source: Metro UK

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