Pairing Commanders can make huge affect to the war in Rise of Kingdoms. If using the wrong commander as your secondary commander, it can put you on a disadvantage. In this guide, we wanted to show you the best option of secondary commanders to use for each situation in game such as Rally, Open Field, Defense and Barbarians.

We already created the article Top Commander Pairings in Rise of Kingdoms – Epic and Legendary. But it doesn’t show which one is the best for rally, Open Field, Defense and Barbarians. So, this guide with the main objectives (like raiding other people’s cities or hunting barbarians, etc.) give you the best pairing that you should use for each kind of objectives.

How The Pairing List Works

Very Good Good Okay

On the left side you have the primary commander for that given cause (in this example Open Field) and the other commanders are ordered in how well their synergy works with the primary commander. In this example, Sun Tzu is the best epic primary commander to use for open field and Keira is the best secondary commander to use with him.

Best Commander Pairings – Open Field

Very Good Good Okay

In the Open Field, Alexander is the strongest commander to use as primary and pairing him with Yi Seong Gye is the best choice. YSG will boost the damage incredibly with his AOE skill and this pair extremely well can beat any other pairing of the same strength.

Best Commander Pairing – Rallying

Very Good Good Okay
Very Good Good Okay

Best Commander Pairing – City Defense

Very Good Good Okay

Wu Zetian is the best commander for defending your city and works best with Yi-Seong Gye as secondary commander because he will boost active skill damage and overall has a great synergy. Richard is also working well with extra healing but this can get countered easily with Saladin or Mehmed attacks, so be careful here. Constantine has the extra damage reduction that can also be countered while Charles Martel’s extra march speed is useless although the other skills work well with Wu Zetian. Use Sun Tzu if you want to pair with an epic commander that has great anti-swarm effectivity and also boosts her active skill.

Best Commander Pairing – Barbarians

It doesn’t make much sense to give you a recommendation here because you always want to use a commander with the Peacekeeping Tree as the primary to get the bonus experience gained from beating barbarians and then add a secondary commander that you want to level up. Barbarians are something that you simply farm and there’s no need to do a “best” pairing here, you simply use it to level your commanders 🙂

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