BioWare’s new boss only joined the company last year

Gary McKay BioWare general manager profile

He only joined the studio in 2020, but had previously worked at EA for seven years (Picture: BioWare)

Gary McKay was placed in charge of BioWare on an interim basis but is now officially the new boss of the studio and its franchises.

When BioWare’s general manager Casey Hudson quit the studio near the end of 2020, one Gary McKay was brought on to fill the role as interim general manager.

Rather than step aside for a new replacement, it’s been decided for McKay to hold the position on a permanent basis, making him officially BioWare’s new boss.

‘I’m so grateful for this opportunity,’ he says in an announcement made on the studio’s official website, ‘When you spend over 20 years in the industry, there are a small handful of studios on your bucket list in terms of teams you’d want to work with — and BioWare is at the top of my list.’

While he doesn’t go into any specifics, McKay does say that one of his goals is to restore the company’s reputation, which has taken something of a hit following the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda and the failure of Anthem.

‘For me, success is all about rebuilding that reputation, and delivering on that promise of quality.’

McKay had originally worked at EA, joining the company in 1998 and leaving in 2005. He went on to have a five-year career at Propaganda Games, a subsidiary of Disney which made the 2008 Turok game and a tie-in to Tron Legacy, before it was shut down in 2011.

He only joined BioWare in January 2020 as head of development operations, effectively returning to his roots, something he acknowledges ‘I started my career in the industry with EA back in 1998 and it was so exciting to see the studio and company grow in the early days. I spent the next seven years with EA before moving on. But now you could say I’ve come full circle.’

BioWare certainly has some big projects in the works, specifically new entries in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. Details on both games remain scarce, although it has been claimed that the new Dragon Age will strictly be a single-player game after EA dropped plans for it to be another live service game.

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