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Days Gone director attacks ‘woke reviewers’ who ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to play the game

Days Gone screenshot

Days Gone – maybe it just wasn’t that good? (pic: Sony)

John Garvin has once again hit out at reviewers of Days Gone, claiming they ‘couldn’t handle a gruff white biker looking at his date’s ass.’

It seems fair to say that John Garvin, writer and co-director of 2019 PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone, has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about the game’s critical and commercial performance.

Back in June, he complained that Sony was treating it as a ‘big disappointment’, despite it selling the same or more as Ghost Of Tsushima, which, unlike Days Gone, had a sequel confirmed almost immediately.

It was suggested that Sony was particularly disappointed by the reviews, which, while not entirely negative, were notably lower than other first party games. Rather than accepting that reviewers had justifiable issues with the game, Garvin has suggested that the bad reviews were because they’re too ‘woke’.

Garvin has long since left developer Bend Studio, to work on a NFT game called Ashfall, but when asked by a fan on Twitter, why they game didn’t get ‘universal praise’ he had a three-point answer:

‘1. It had tech issues like bugs, streaming, and frame rate; 2. It had reviewers who couldn’t be bothered to actually play the game; 3. It had woke reviewers who couldn’t handle a gruff white biker looking at his date’s ass.’

While we noted in our review that the game did have a lot of low-level bugs, they had little impact on the overall experience.

John Garvin tweet

What a surprise he ended up deleting this (pic: Twitter)

We didn’t like any of the characters, but our main problem was that the protagonist wasn’t gruff , or rather that he was too uninteresting to inspire the sort of reaction Garvin is implying.

Garvin quickly ended up deleting the tweet, after it became obvious that nobody agreed with him, and as he failed to give any specific examples of ‘woke reviewers’.

‘If a reviewer objects to a character because of identity politics, I call that woke… how am I wrong?’ he said in a deleted response to someone calling him out.

Garvin has previously blamed fans themselves for the game not doing better, complaining that not enough bought it at full price for it to satisfy Sony.

Although Days Gone was ported to the PC in 2021 there’s otherwise been no sign from Sony that they’re interested in making a new game. Strangely though, there are reports that they’re planning a movie adaptation – although that’s never been confirmed by Sony themselves.

Garvin certainly seems to have burned his bridges with the franchise, so if there ever is a new game it will almost certainly have nothing to do with him.

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