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Devikins is a turn-based RPG mixed with character breeding, all of it fueled by crypto tokens, used in lieu of non-valued game currency

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Key concepts:

  • Genes
  • Personality
  • Affinity
  • Base Attributes
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    What type of game? Devikins is an RPG with mixed tamagotchi gameplay.

    How much does it cost to play the game? No DVK is needed to play the game, yet you can spend it to evolve your account. You will require Devikins NFT characters to play the game to its fullest.

    How many Devikins NFT I need? Tamagotchi gameplay requires one Devikins NFT, but you can play tamagotchi with as many NFTs as you like like. For combat, the current design has teams composed of four NFTs. This is still subject to change.


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    Affinities regulate how fast a Devikin’s attributes grow when leveling up. The higher an affinity, the faster its attributes grow.

    A Devikin has five base attributes: Vitality, Power, Fortitude, Agility, and Sanity. These attributes are mainly used during combat. For each base attribute, a Devikin has an affinity that links to it: Vitality Affinity, Power Affinity, Fortitude Affinity, Agility Affinity, and Sanity Affinity.

    An affinity ranges from 1 to 10, in which the higher the affinity, the faster the base attribute it represents grows during a level up.

    The Overall Affinity (OA) is given by summing up all affinities, therefore OA ranges from 5 to 50. The OA is directly linked to the Devikin’s rarity.

    Affinities are rolled when minting a new Devikin. The affinity value distribution follows a gaussian distribution as seen below:

    affinity value distribution devikins

    In the NFT collapsed view, players can see the Overall Affinity in the bottom right. By hovering with the mouse or pressing on a touch screen device, the NFT exposes the detailed view and shows affinity values separately.

    Rarity breakdown by Overall affinity:












    A Devikin’s visuals are defined by a collection of genes. Each gene sets the shape of their eyes, mouth and nose, ears, hair style, and horns.

    Similar to affinities, Devikins get five genes as well. Eye genes, Mouth and Nose genes, Ear genes, Hair Style genes, and Horn genes shape their visuals.

    In the Void world, genes have the following biological balance. Dominant genes are common, Co-Dominant recessive genes are uncommon, Recessive genes are rare, Bonded genes are even rarer – known among Devikin as set genes, since they stick together. Unique genes are exquisite genes that no one in The Void knows how to explain, nor why they can’t beinherited. Finally, we have Mutated genes, a gene only present during mint by procreation.

    As mentioned, Unique and Mutated genes cannot be obtained during a regular mint. For all other genes, the drop rate of genes is presented below:

    the drop rate of genes devikins

    In the NFT detailed view, each gene rarity is displayed via their frame color. Players can spot right away whether they have a gem on their hands.
    In a regular mint, for each affinity of 10, a rare gene is guaranteed to be generated. Strong Devikin have to look cool, right?
    The gene pool is seasonal. The initial gene pool for Devikins’ release might not be available in the future, as new seasons kick in, refreshing the Devikin visuals.


    Gene Rarity Color Scale:








    A Devikin has a personality which plays off game mechanics and offers bonus Affinity points.

    Personality makes a Devikin even more unique. There are 10 basic personalities when minting a Devikin, and limited personalities might be available in the store from time to time. Miner, Lavish, and Glitched personalities are a great example of limited personalities, and were offered as a bonus for all participants of the initial Devicoin mining event.

    All basic personalities have the same odds of dropping in a regular mint. Limited ones might have different odds, being rarer to drop while available. An example of rare personality is the Klever one, which will be available only during the NFT sale’s first week, at a drop rate of 0.1%.

    Personalities and their affinity bonus are as follows:
    • Angry: +1 Power, +1 Agility;
    • Curious: +1 Agility, +1 Sanity;
    • Feisty: +2 Power;
    • Nerdy: +2 Fortitude;
    • Polite: +1 Vitality, +1 Fortitude;
    • Reckless: +1 Fortitude, +1 Sanity;
    • Resilient: +1 Vitality, +1 Power;
    • Sassy: +2 Agility;
    • Shy: +2 Vitality;
    • Stoic: +2 Sanity;
    • Miner: +2 Power, +1 Agility;
    • Lavish: +2 Vitality, +1 Fortitude;
    • Glitched: +3 Sanity;
    • Klever: +1 all affinities.

    devikins personalities1
    devikins personalities2


    Lunarian, Ochran, Glyesian, Maarish, and Khoroth are the five Devikin ancestries.

    A Devikin descends from one of five major ancestries present in Devikins: Lunarian, Ochran, Glyesian, Maarish, and Khoroth. The Devikin’s ancestry is expressed via their skin tone.

    Ancestries are strictly exclusive, which means offspring from a breeding mint using two sources of different ancestries won’t have a mixed ancestry, they will instead inherit their ancestry from one of the two contributing sources.

    Ancestries have no rarity, as the Void doesn’t exhibit any favoritism and therefore all share the same odds of dropping in a regular mint.

    Ancestries classification list:












    NFT visualization always presents a Devikin in its adult stage. However, a Devikin is always minted at the embryo stage.

    A Devikin has three distinct life stages in the game. Embryo, Toddler, and Adult. Newly minted Devikins always arrive in the Embryo Stage.

    While in the embryo stage, nothing can be done with your NFT inside the game. A Devikin can stay in the embryo stage as long as its owner would like. This way, it is safe to store and collect your Devikin, and play with them at your own pace. Devikin in the embryo stage must actively be born by their owner.

    In the Toddler Stage, Devikin have a finite time span until they grow to the Adult Stage. Users can play the Devikidz training facet of the game as long as their Devikin are in the toddler stage. The Devikidz training gameplay lets players hone their Devikins attributes for the adult stage.

    The adult stage is the last life stage of a Devikin. After a Devikin reaches adulthood, they will stay in that stage forever. Although, adult Devikin may not have another life stage to strive for, they grow in level and earn promotions, and the adult stage is where the true RPG cycle of Devikins occurs. Only adult Devikin may serve as sources for the breeding system.

    NFTs are always presented in the adult stage with their OA and base attributes visible in the webviewer, even if they are freshly minted and at the embryo stage.


    Not as important as affinity, yet the higher the better.

    Devikin have five base attributes: Vitality, Power, Fortitude, Agility, and Sanity. These attributes form the core of combat:

    • Vitality represents the Devikin’s resilience;
    • Power represents the Devikin’s strength;
    • Fortitude represents the Devikin’s resistance;
    • Agility represents the Devikin’s reflexes and speed;
    • Sanity represents the Devikin’s mental acuity;

    Base attributes are the initial attribute values a Devikin gets by reaching their adult stage at level 1. During a regular mint, all of them are randomly rolled, and the maximum attribute value at this stage is 100. Base attributes are the only values that are not inherited during procreation. Any offspring will have their base attributes rolled at random.

    Base attributes are not final. Players have a chance to improve attributes during the Devikidz training gameplay stage.

    There is no maximum attribute value, and as players level up and promote their Devikins, they increase their attribute values. The maximum level for any adult Devikin is 100.


    Even though the system is called procreation, Devikin are genderless.

    The procreation mechanic is a way of minting new Devikins. Procreation offers a more controlled outcome of your Devikin mint, since the new Devikin is a mix of the two sources with a small chance of mutations.

    A Mutation is when a gene or affinity inheritance is bypassed and rolled a new. There are some genes that can only be obtained by rolling for a mutation gene, this gene is given the rarity Mutated. The chance of having a mutated gene during a mutation is 1%.

    Each individual Devikin can procreate up to 10 times. The DVK procreation cost increases with procreation count. A Devikin cannot procreate with immediate relatives. A relative is considered any of the sources (parents), or any offspring of the sources (siblings or niblings).

    Procreation can only be performed inside the Devikins game, so while the game is not released, procreation will not be available.

    While procreating, not all characteristics can be inherited, nor have a mutation chance. Personalities, for instance, have just a small chance to be inherited by any offspring. Most offspring will have their own personality.

    Test Procreation

    Inheritance Chance Breakdown

    Regarding gene rarity or inheritance chance.

    • Dominant genes have:
      • ~55% chance of being inherited over Co-Dominant genes;
      • ~66% chance over Recessive genes;
      • ~83% chance over Bonded genes;
      • ~78% chance over Mutated and Unique genes;
    • Co-Dominant genes have:
      • ~27% chance of being inherited over Dominant;
      • ~55% chance over Recessive;
      • ~83% chance over Bonded genes;
      • ~74% chance over Mutated and Unique genes;
    • Recessive genes have:
      • ~17% chance of being inherited over Dominant;
      • ~28% chance over Co-Dominant;
      • ~83% chance over Bonded genes;
      • ~66% chance over Mutated and Unique genes;
    • Mutated and Unique genes have:
      • ~5% chance of being inherited over Dominant;
      • ~9% chance over Co-Dominant;
      • ~17% chance over Recessive;
      • ~71% chance over Bonded and Unique genes;

    Bonded genes cannot be inherited. In the case that two sources have bonded genes, the offspring will be a Devikin with solely mutation genes.

    The base mutation chance is ~16%. Subsequent mutations have half the chance of previous mutations, e.g.: ~8% for the second mutation.

    Affinities have a base chance of ~42% of either source, and ~16% chance of mutation.

    Personality inheritance chance of any given source is ~10%, whereas ancestry is guaranteed to be one of the original two sources.

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