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Dr Disrespect & Nickmercs hate the Call Of Duty: Warzone Godzilla vs. Kong event

Call of Duty Operation Monarch Godzilla vs. Kong event

Was this really a good idea? (pic: Activision)

The Operation Monarch event is not going down well with either streamers or regular players, with complaints that Fortnite does it better.

Fortnite has had so many celebrity and movie cameos over the years it no longer matters how well a character fits the style of game. That’s not really true for Call Of Duty though, which is struggling to make its movie tie-ins make any kind of sense.

The Die Hard and Rambo ones were okay but more fantastical tie-ins like Attack on Titan look really weird running around in WW2. Basing a big event around Godzilla vs. Kong also seems really weird, and not just because the film was quite a while ago now.

Activision has been promoting it an awful lot, but many fans have been unconvinced. And now that they’ve played it, top streamers such as Dr Disrespect and Nickmercs are even less keen.

Operation Monarch, as it’s officially known, started on Wednesday, May 11 and involves a new LTM (limited time mode) where either monster can stomp onto the map to ruin your game.

A lot of fans have been unimpressed though, as not only do the two monsters not actually fight they usually just kind of hover about in the middle distance not being very interesting.

Many have compared it to the much more dramatic events in Fortnite, especially the fight between a giant monster and robot from a season finale in 2019, and complained that the Call Of Duty equivalent isn’t anywhere near as good.

Nickmercs specifically referenced the Fortnite event and said that Operation Monarch was ‘awful’ by comparison, while also complaining about the lack of lizard-on-monkey action.

Dr Disrespect gave the event a 2.2/10 score and complained of it being childish. Although that seems a bit rich coming from someone that wears a wig and pretend body armour for a living.

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