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Category Archives: Entropia Universe

Easter Mayhem 2020

img 5e8c3bc6c7774

Easter Mayhem 2020 — Practice has Started! Easter Mayhem 2020 features lootable Easter Strongboxes and a new mission in the Codex for Easter Robots featuring skill rewards.Easter Mayhem – The Robot Mayhem The Calypso Defense Force (CDF) once again needs your help against the robot menace! The last few weeks have seen intense fighting between Robot forces […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 11: Newcomer Friendly Activities – Entropia Universe

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Section 11.1:  Sweating Sweating is the act of extracting Vibrant Sweat from a creature.  The VSE Mk1 tool used to sweat incurs no decay, and expends neither ammunition nor material, so sweating is a purely profitable endeavor with no monetary cost.  It is therefore a very beneficial activity for newcomers to learn. Your VSE Mk1 […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 10 – Mission Marathon – Entropia Universe

talk to professor Hamill

Section 10.1:  Data Terminal Now it is time to complete a number of scattered mission chains.  Make your way down the road toward Cape Corinth, but stop at LAT: 61732, LON: 88283 to speak with Electrician Derek.  Derek needs you to send data for some energy readings. Surveyor Sussi is present as well, and will […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 9: Maffoid Madness – Entropia Universe

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Section 9.1:  Mission Acquisition Technician Larchi will send you westward to Darcy.  Proceed along the road until you reach the waypoint and talk to him. Darcy will give you 1 PED in Universal Ammo and ask you to retrieve three Maffoid Heads. Also speak with Courier Doda to acquire a mission to find a missing […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 8 – Sabakuma Slay – Entropia Universe

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Section 8.1:  Outside the Sabakuma Tunnels Make your way back to the Port Atlantis Teleporter. Use the Teleporter to travel to Half Moon Cove. When you arrive at Half Moon Cove, speak to Foreman Sanders.  He will give you 0.70 PED in Universal Ammo and ask you to recover a Detectonator. Navigate to the waypoint […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 7 – Argonaut Island – Entropia Universe

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Section 7.1:  Mission Acquisition Follow the road to Camp Phoenix, located at LAT: 62969, LON: 82737. Speak to the privates outside to acquire three hunting missions, two to kill Snablesnots, and one to kill thirty Berycled Youngs. Walk into the center of the Teleporter to unlock it, then use it to return to Camp Icarus. […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 6 – CDF Outposts – Entropia Universe

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Section 6.1:  CDF OP Alpha Make your way back the Port Atlantis Teleporter and use it to travel to Cape Corinth. When you arrive, enter the building and use the Televator in the middle of the room. Go down to floor 1. Leave the building and begin to drive along the road.  This will be […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 5 – Swamp Camp – Entropia Universe

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Section 5.1:  South Swamp Camp The next destination is South Swamp Camp (which you may have already passed on your journey to Port Atlantis).  Follow the road from the northeast exit of Port Atlantis. The location is LAT: 62026, LON: 75547. Inside the camp building, speak to Dr. Udenis. The doctor will ask you to […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 4 – Miscellaneous Preparations – Entropia Universe

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Section 4.1:  The Gauntlet It is now time to return from Half Moon Bay to Camp Icarus via the Teleporter. Note:  A Teleporter allows players to warp to predefined locations around the planet free of charge.  You must visit most Teleporters to unlock the ability to use them, but the Camp Icarus Teleporter is unlocked […]

Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 3 – Half Moon Bay – Entropia Universe

img 5e8aa46196b7f

Section 3.1:  Camp Icarus Upon arriving at Calypso, you may be greeted by Sergeant Saana at Camp Icarus, or you may end up at Half Moon Bay.  In the latter case, you can jump straight to Section 3.2. Step through the following dialog with Saana carefully, or you may commit to the wrong mission chain […]