Fall Guys on Xbox Game Pass is not happening says Mediatonic

Fall Guys screenshot

Fall Guys is not on Xbox… yet (pic: Mediatonic)

Despite rumours, and what seemed to be hints from Microsoft, there are apparently no plans to bring Fall Guys to Xbox in the near future.

Along with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Among Us, Fall Guys was one of the big surprise hits of last year but as of right now it’s still only available on PlayStation and PC.

Although there’s no official confirmation, that’s probably due to some kind of exclusivity deal with Sony but it seems inevitable that the game will end up on Xbox and Switch at some point – just not right now.

Developer Mediatonic has already said they want to release the game on other formats but given how popular the game has been things aren’t quite that straightforward.

The reason some fans thought the game might be coming to Xbox is because the official Fall Guys Twitter account replied to an Xbox UK post about getting a free Game Pass recommendation, which seemed to be hinting at some kind of announcement.

Then afterwards, the Xbox Game Pass Instagram account straight up said that Fall Guys is coming – albeit while adding a suspicious eyes emoji to the comment.

When is Fall Guys coming to Xbox?

Despite all the hints developer Mediatonic has flat out denied the rumours, although technically they only said it wasn’t coming to Game Pass, not the Xbox console itself.

Assuming it doesn’t arrive on Xbox this month or next the best guess is that Sony has a one year exclusivity deal, which means Fall Guys would be free to release on Xbox and Switch in early August.

It could be a longer exclusivity deal than that but the norm is one year, as otherwise the game just tends to get signed up as a permeant exclusive and there’s no sign that’s the case with Fall Guys.

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