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Devikins is turn-based RPG mixed with character breeding, it fueled by crypto tokens, used in lieu of non-valued game currency

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What type of game? Devikins is an RPG with mixed tamagotchi gameplay.

How much does it cost to play the game? No DVK is needed to play the game, yet you can spend it to evolve your account. You will require Devikins NFT characters to play the game to its fullest.

How many Devikins NFT I need? Tamagotchi gameplay requires one Devikins NFT, but you can play tamagotchi with as many NFTs as you like like. For combat, the current design has teams composed of four NFTs. This is still subject to change.

When is the NFT sale? 7 September 2021

Is there a limited amount of NFT one can buy? No, you can buy as much as you would like.

Is Devikins a new Axie Infinity? No! They share the similarity of having playable characters as NFTs that can breed, and it stops there. Devikins has its own economic model. Trying to make an Axie economic strategy for Devikins might not work.


How much is an NFT? It depends on the circulating supply. The more NFTs, the more expensive they are. The starting price is 3 USD in DVK. So, if DVK is $0.01, NFT at start price is 300 DVK, if DVK is $0.015, NFT at start price is 200 DVK

So, if DVK is $1, I will pay only 3 DVK at the start price? Yes. Pump it!

Can we hard mint a batch and how much will it cost? There will batch hard mint, but it wont save on gas fee. Batch hard mint of 10 will be the same cost as a single hard mint of 10 NFTs (it is a limitation of the blockchain, not the team).

Where does DVK spent in the market go after purchase? It will go to the team, not for expenses but for later plans.

Will the marketplace have other items on offer? The marketplace will only be exclusive for NFTs. There will be upgrades that I [Sergio] cannot spoil. Probably in three years or so.

Are NFTs/ Devikins taken from a predetermined pool or are they created randomly? When it is purchased via the shop, it gets created randomly. The system creates it on the fly.

Will you stop minting NFTs at some point? No. The shop will be running all the time so you have a chance to either buy from the shop or the market.

What platform will be used to purchase during the pre-sale? In the web-browser via, there will be three pages: shop, inventory, and share page. The share page also doubles as a webviewer.

Do I know all my NFT attributes and genes if my NFT is in the Embryo Stage? Yes, the web viewer always shows the NFT on the Adult stage with information on gene rarity, affinity values, personality, and base attributes even though it is at the Embryo Stage.

I heard about Soft Mint and Hard Mint, what’s that? Soft Mint can be considered a preliminary of Hard Mint, it means to get to Hard Mint stage you need a Soft Mint NFT. All NFT start in the Soft Mint stage. You can then pick a Soft Mint and lock it into a Hard Mint NFT by paying a fee

Can I buy hard minted NFTs? Not in the shop. All NFTs in the marketplace are hard minted though

What’s the difference between the Shop, and Marketplace?Shop: You buy randomly generated (you don’t know the rarity or visuals before buying it) NFTs in Soft Mint state Marketplace: You buy Hard Minted (you see the NFT before buying it) NFTs from other players. It is a P2P market

What can I do with my soft minted NFT, if I can’t sell it?You can do four things: – Check their attributes in the webviewer – Share the web viewer link with friends and social media – Burn 4 soft minted NFTs to cycle for another randomly generated soft minted NFT. – Pay a fee to turn it into a hard minted NFT

What can I do with my hard minted NFT?You can do three things: – Check their attributes in the webviewer – Share the web viewer link with friends and social media – Transfer it to another TRX wallet – Send it to be sold in the marketplace (when the marketplace gets released) – Use it in the game (when it gets released)

How do I turn my Soft Mint NFTs into Hard Mint? Besides the shop and web viewer, inside there will be a web inventory. You connect your wallet in there and all soft and hard minted NFTs you own will be displayed. You can transition NFTs from Soft to Hard Mint here.

I heard I need 18 NFTs to fully promote a single Devikin, what does that mean? Promotions apply to adult Devikins. Once in the Adult Phase, Devikin are immediately promoted to level 1. They can continue leveling all the way to a maximum of 10, and after they reach level 10, you can burn 1 NFT to promote it, making the maximum level 20. This follows until promotion level 10, where the max level is 100. Burn progression between promotions is, 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 3, 3, 3 – thus 18 NFTs.

Does the burned NFT have any requirement? Yes, you can only burn hard minted Adult NFTs to promote another Devikin.

Can an NFT change its attributes after Soft Mint? No. Genes, Affinities, and Personality cannot change. Only the Life Stage can be changed inside the Devikins game.

Can I pick which rarity I want to buy in the Shop? No, you can’t. It is randomly generated.

Can I procreate when NFTs release?No, you need the Devikins game to procreate.

When I burn 4 NFTs to cycle a new one, is it guaranteed to get a better one? No, it is possible but it is not guaranteed.

After I Hard Mint an NFT, can I turn it into Soft Mint again? No, changing from Soft to Hard Mint is an irreversible process.

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How does raising work and can we mint a Devikin NFT from any stage ? All newly minted NFTs start at the Embryo Stage

Can Stardust be converted to DVK? No spoilers yet, but yes, and Stardust has been rebranded to Mynthe Seeds.

Will we be able to tell the rarity of NFT during the Embryo Stage? Yes. You can see the stats, rarity and the adult form of embryo even if it is still in embryo stage using the webviewer

Can you grow multiple Devkinis during the Devikids growing period? Yes, you can grow them at the same time, but it will be hard. Imagine taking care of one child versus ten children.

When will we see a trailer / teaser? Currently, the team is trying to improve the interface first. MoonLabs is also searching a freelancer animator to do an animation teaser

When we burn eighteen NFTs to promote our preferred Devikin, do we have to make sure they are soft or hard minted? It needs to be hard minted, as the game is only playable in the hard mint stage right now.

Can we hard mint at the Embryo Stage, or Adults only? You can hard mint only at the Embryo Stage.

Will it be available on PC? Since it is a mobile game, it would be possible via emulator, but we do not recommend it. Mainly due to difficulty, or that notifications might be missed (like if your Devikid is starving and they want to eat).

Can you give us the cheapest gas fee? Cheapest gas fee is set by Tron (testing shows 1.8TRX per transaction) will have to follow up later. You can freeze TRX as a resource

When will we be able to see gameplay? To show gameplay we need the interface to first be completed. Tentative date of first gameplay sample will be in October.

What is the plan to keep DVK stable and avoid deflation? We have a limited supply of coins, and there is no plan to make DVK deflationary.

Is the game user friendly especially for new players? There will be an in-game tutorial, and onboarding/learn as you play methods.

Is there a gas fee for every transaction ingame? No, you will only need a gas fee when you mint your NFT, and depositing or listing it in the marketplace will cost DVK; You can also freeze trx as a resource

Will we have future events? Yes, like pre-minted NFTs and some NFT/giveaway events.

Will there be items typically found in RPG games for our Devikin? Such as accessories, gears, and items that modify their stats? Yes! Just like in any good RPG.

Who are your major sponsors right now? Only Klever is a major sponsor at the moment.

Will there be a rebalancing throughout the game’s life cycle? Likely, balancing is needed to keep the game fun and challenging.

Is it the same cost to promote a Common versus an Eldritch NFT? In the game’s current design, yes. The cost is identical, independent of rarity.

Are stats randomized, or can they be edited by players? Attributes will follow and scale with base attributes and affinities.

Can Devikin die if they are not fed during the Devikids stage? No. When you have your NFT generated, it will have a distribution of base attributes. Your maximum attributes upon reaching the Adult Stage are influenced by how much time and effort are poured into the Devikids growth.

Do we need a higher end phone to play the game? You don’t require a high end device. Devikins is a 2D game, and it requires less computational power to run.

Devikins Road Map

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done”

-Thomas Jefferson