Farewell Winter Event

Farewell, Winter is the 5-day event consists of several stages, with one of them unveiled every day, and with tasks that reward the player for reaching certain milestones. These daily tasks are divided into three main categories and consist of activities that, in most cases, you’d do on a regular basis, regardless of this event.

Event Rules:

  1. The event will last for a total of 8 days, with 3 side events unlocked everyday for the first 5 days. Governor can obtain Branches by completing side even quests during the first 7 days.
  2. On Day 8, all quests will be locked, but governor will be able to claim additional chest rewards. Rewards will vary according to the number of quests completed. (It means if you have 100/100 you can claim 100 Epic Commander Sculpture.)
  3. Branches can be used in the “Branching Out” event. (Click here to view the Tip & Tricks to complete event easily)
  4. Chest rewards will include Epic Commander Sculptures, but not special event items.

For every milestone you reach in every category of the Farewell, Winter! event in Rise of Kingdoms, you can claim different prizes, though they consist mostly of resource packs, tomes of knowledge, timer speedups, and other boosts. However, the most important reward for completing these tasks is the “Branch” item, which is a special seasonal currency that can be exchanged for many different prizes in other parts of the Spring event.

Although it divide into 5 days stages, you can complete these quests for 7 days. So it’s easy to complete all quests.

There is only 1 quest you should be careful, if not you won’t complete it. This is in Day 3, its name is “Alliance Action”. It require Donation and Helps. The Help is easy one we pass it. The Donation is not hard but if you don’t have much time, you will miss it. It requires 200 Donations from Day 3 to Day 7. Thus, you have 4 days to complete it. Some players don’t have time they can only donate 40 times/day and will miss that quest.

In the 8th day, you will receive the rewards base on the score you have (make sure you claim before the day end). For example, if you get 80/100, you will receive 80 Epic Sculpture , 80 5-Minutes Speedup, 80 lvl 3 Tone of Knowledge (1,000 exp book)

Screenshot 20200403 075339 Rise of Kingdoms
we complete 100/100 so the rewards is like that

Day 1 Quests

day 1 of the event is divided into “Daily Business,” “Field Collection,” and “Academic Elite.” The first consists of simply logging in every day for the total duration of the event. Meanwhile, the second category consists of gathering resources from the map a certain number of times, while also collecting a number of resources in total. Lastly, the third category consists of developing technical power by researching tech in your Academy.

farewell winter day 1 daily business Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 1 field collection Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 1 Academic Elite Rise of Kingdoms

Day 2 Quests

farewell winter day 2 Step by Step Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 2 City Defense Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 2 Ready to Attack Rise of Kingdoms

Day 3 Quests

farewell winter day 3 Barbarian Invasion Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 3 Alliance Action Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 3 Tiles Bricks Rise of Kingdoms

Day 4 Quests

farewell winter day 4 Sprint for the win Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 4 Import Trade Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 4 Accumulate Strength Rise of Kingdoms

Day 5 Quests

farewell winter day 5 Protect The Holy Site Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 5 Teamwork Rise of Kingdoms
farewell winter day 5 Resource Output Rise of Kingdoms

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