Alrighty, today’s FGO Jp buffs consist of Nezha and… Arjuna? Hold on, why did he get a buff? But he’s already good? I’m so confused now. Like, he doesn’t even need one in the first place?

But anyway, we’re gonna be looking at them buffs and maybe try and make sense out of Arjuna’s own buff.



Ah yes, the underrated Third Lotus Princ(-ess) is finally getting some love after a really long time. They’ve decided to target her NP damage output, increasing the amount of AoE damage that her NP deals along with increasing her burn damage. Previously it was called Flying Quiet Spirit – Fire-Tipped Spear A, now it is called Flying Quiet Spirit – Fire-Tipped Spear A+. 

Now, this is a good buff for Nezha, especially for them Nezha folks out there. With this buff, Nezha can now stand amongst her 4-star peers in terms of NP damage output, and also make her an even better viable option for an AoE farming servant against Archers. 

Personally, though I like that they’ve chosen Nezha as their target for buffs. As stated, she is kinda underrated not gonna lie, and some love from the devs to a servant like her or Carmilla is a big triumph for me. Truly shows they haven’t forgotten about her. Unlike some other servants…

*Cough* *Cough* Mata Hari buffs *Cough*

Arjuna (Archer)


Alright, the main target of today’s set of strengthening buffs. Arjuna (Archer) himself has received a buff to his 2nd skill; Hero of the Endowed A, now called Hero of the Endowed A+. Nothing much has been changed for this skill. The numbers have remained the same as before, however, now there is an additional effect to this 2nd skill. Now it has an NP battery that lasts for 5 turns, which provides 10% NP charge each turn. Also, his 2nd skill cooldown has been reduced from 12 turns to 10 turns.

Honestly, did he really needed a buff? I’m not sure truthfully. I’m kinda torn with Arjuna Archer here. It’s good that he got a buff but did it had to be on this skill? You could have buffed his 3rd skill, give it a Buster resistance debuff effect or something like that, or perhaps even give it an instant-death increase chance. That way it has some synergy with his NP, which inflicts a 50% chance to inflict Death to all enemies, plus a further 80% Death chance to all enemies with the Divine trait in them. 

Also, I felt like as though there were other candidates for a buff. Napoleon could have used one to either one of his skills. Maybe give him an atk buff against “Threats to Humanity”, because Napoleon is Napoleon, and he’s a cool bro.

Orion is another possible candidate for a buff. Probably put a charm on a skill or NP, cause why not? I’m just throwing ideas here. Or, even give a buff to Gilgamesh to push him on the edge of an OP Archer as he is described in lore. 

But still, Arjuna got a buff, and buff is a buff in the end.