Ah yes, Gudaguda 3, this well-known event is almost, if not already upon us…and our wallets. Everyone has been waiting for this event, cause you know, Okita Alter, like Okita but taller and has tanned skin and a very, very long blade. Also has a tendency to sleep whilst standing up too. Why? I don’t know, hence that’s why she’s perfect waifu material. 

Another Okita is nice and all but the big money question though; is she worth rolling for and why? Here’s all the information you need to know about her. (I know you’re gonna roll her for the waifu reasons but bear with me as I list the other aspects)


Card Deck: Quick, Quick, Arts, Buster, Buster

Quick: 5 Hits

Arts: 3 Hits

Buster: 3 Hits

Extra atk: 5 Hits

NP Gain (Atk): 0.77%

NP Gain (Def): 4%

Star Absorption: 99

Star Generation per Hit: 10%

Gender: Female

Alignment: True Neutral

Traits: Brynhildr’s Beloved, Female, Humanoid, Saberface, Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish.


Furthest Earth A

  • Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 20% (lvl1) – 30% (maxed)
  • Increase Buster Card effectiveness by 20% (lvl1) – 30% (maxed)

Persistence B

  • Charge own NP gauge by 20% (lvl1) – 30% (maxed)
  • Increase Critical star absorption by 300% (lvl1) – 500% (maxed)


Persistence B+ (Interlude)

  • Charge own NP gauge by 20% (lvl1) – 30% (maxed)
  • Increase Critical star absorption by 300% (lvl1) – 500% (maxed)
  • Increase own attack for 3 times, 3 turns – 10% (lvl1) – 20% (maxed)

Boundlessness A

  • Increase NP damage for 1 turn by 20% (lvl1) – 30% (maxed)
  • Grants self-evasion for yourself for 1 attack, 3 turns

Solid skills, especially for an Alter Ego class Servant. NP charge allows for possible two NPs in under 3 turns (depending on your team comp), and the NP damage up provides a solid damage increase. The downside to all this damage and star absorption would be a lack of survivability. The evade from her third skill is only good for one turn and one turn only. 

Passive Skills

Magic Resistance B

  • Increases own debuff resistance by 17.5%.

Independent Action A

  • Increases own critical damage by 10%.

A typical set of passive skills that may not be much but are okay for Okita. The Independent Action skill will up her damage potential.

Noble Phantasm

Zekken・Mukyuu Sandan
Decisive Blade・Eternity Three Stage

  • Rank A, Anti-world, Buster, 7-hits
  • Deal Damage to all Enemies + Reduces their Buster resistance for 3 turns for 30% (lvl1) – 50% (maxed).   
  • (NP1 (300%) ⟶ NP2 (400%) ⟶ NP3 (450%) ⟶ NP4 (475%) ⟶ NP5 (500%)

A flashy yet powerful AoE Noble Phantasm which can delete fodder and servants alike… If you’re lucky enough to get her at NP1 she deals a total of 28263. If I don’t know, lady fortune decides to grace you with another copy, then you’re looking at 37684 at NP2. At NP5 the damage totals out at 47105. Basically she’s gonna deal a lot of damage, and it’s gonna hurt, badly. Let’s not forget that she ranks 11th place currently for the highest atk stats of servants overall, just under Sigurd. Until He, Orion, and others will appear, she’ll rank the highest, but not too high – above Jeanne Alter. She owns that high ground. 

Ascension + Skill Reinforcement

1. 5 Saber piece5 Assassin piece 100,000 QPicon

2.12 Saber piece12 Assassin piece 300,000 QPicon

3. Saber monument 5 Assassin monument 1,000,000QPicon

4.12 Saber monument12 Assassin monument 3,000,000 QPicon

Skill Reinforcement: 17 Shining Gem of Sword and Killing, 17 Magic Gem of Sword and Killing, 17 Secret Gem of Sword and Killing, 8 Octuplet Twin Crystal, 8 Permafrost Ice Crystal, 9 Cursed Beast Cholecyst, 9 Bizarre Godly Wine, 1 Crystallized Lore. 

Not a bad investment of resources, honestly. I’ve seen worse. Consider this mercy from the Devs. Materials for the skills are also merciful, although this does add up with each skill, so I’d recommend maxing out either her first or second skill as they are both too good to pass up. 

Bond CE

The Extremity of Endlessness


When equipped on Okita Sōji (Alter), increase party’s Buster and Quick performance by 10% while she is on the field.

Not bad of a Bond CE. Party wide buffs are always welcomed. I’ve seen better Bond CEs honestly, but it is a nice little reward either way. 


Overall, she’s a really good AoE damage dealing servant, if you’re lacking a good AoE damage dealer in your Chaldea. I wouldn’t recommend getting her if you have someone like Kiara or Passionlip or even Edmond Dantes in your Chaldea, you have enough good AoE servants to get the job done.

However, if you wanna get her, that’s fine with me. I ain’t there to hold you and stop you from draining your wallet dry. She isn’t gonna cost you much when investing in her, although please do keep in mind it’ll add up with each skill. Also just to add, she’s an AoE Buster Alter Ego Servant; which means she’s very effective against Casters, Assassins and Riders, plus Berserkers and Foreigners, and since she’s a Buster servant… another becomes one with the Buster memes. 

Anyways, hope you found this article to be helpful, thank you for reading! I’ll see you all in my next article!

Now those who have her, get grinding will ya?