Hippity Hoppity, Bunny Artoria has gotten a new buff! Her second skill, which was the only thing that sucked about her, has received an upgrade and oh boy is it a game-changer! This very short article is gonna talk about her newest buff, with some personal feelings about her newest carrot.

And yes it’s a few days since she got her new buff, yes I’m late, but that’s not gonna stop me.

The New Carrot.

Artoria Ruler got a Strengthening Quest! : grandorder

CD: 8->7 Gains effects: When there is more than 1 ally: Remove one ally’s command card from the pool before shuffling (1 time, 1 turn) NP gathering rate up (1T)

Let me get this straight? You’re telling me that our supreme lord and ruler; Artoria Summer Ruler, received not one but two buffs to her 2nd skill? The first being that she targets a servant, then she reshuffles the deck to not include the targeted servant’s card, leaving the other two servant’s cards of your forward party to only appear? and that’s only for the one turn. 

Also not to mention, the cooldown has been reduced by one turn, and now provides a 20-30% NP gain to everyone in your party now?

Can I just say, that this buff is just broken beyond comprehension? Especially for FGO standards, like, they have no idea what they have done, for they have given the other section of FGO masters more tools to 3-turn bosses even more. 

But aside from this little rant of mine, this is a solid, if not overpowered buff. The sheer ability to remove a certain individual’s cards from the deck is such a powerful skill. The only other servant that I can think of which such a similarly robust ability like Artoria Ruler’s new skill would be Summer BB. 

Like an example; have Summer BB in your team alongside Artoria Ruler and a Kintoki with an 80% NP Gauge. You boost Kintoki’s bar to 100%, then remove Artoria from the deck and reshuffle. Then apply whatever buffs you need, then freeze the current deck you have (Assuming you have Buster cards for Kintoki stacked in your reshuffled deck) with Summer BB’s third skill. Then afterwards, rejoice, for you just saved yourself a lot of time by condensing it into just three-turns.

Now one major disadvantage that I can decipher from this buff would be the fact that her new reshuffling skill is a one time, one turn effect. So once you use it, then that’s it, you gotta wait for 7 turns for it to come up again unless you have Tamamo Caster with you to lower the cooldown of it.

Also while the shuffling part is rather pleasant, it’s what you get is the main concern, because remember, her reshuffling is based on chance, and while you might think you’re getting rid of troublesome or unnecessary cards, you might end up with even more unnecessary cards in the end, and that’s something that you should watch out for, and recognize whenever you use this skill. 

So overall, very good and solid skill and while it may be broken, at least it came with some major cons and consideration to its usage.