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Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core remake reveal teased by new rumour

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core artwork

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core – is it getting a remake too? (pic: Square Enix)

A new rumour suggests Square Enix is planning something with Crisis Core, but is it a remake, a remaster, or something else?

There are a few industry insiders who have proven so reliable, over a series of predictions, that anything new they say must be taken seriously. The Snitch on Twitter entered this elite group by correctly predicting everything to do with The Last Of Us Part 1, the new Persona ports, and the whole of a recent State of Play.

Unfortunately though, they always make their rumours as obscure as possible, by never directly saying anything and forcing people to guess what they’re talking about from images and the use of icons.

That shtick is already getting old and it’s especially frustrating because the latest hint seems like big news, but it could be any of a number of different things relating to Final Fantasy 7.

A 25th anniversary event for Final Fantasy 7 is scheduled to take place on Thursday night and it’s widely assumed that it will announce the second part of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

That, or a port of the original, may be what the tweet below is referring to, with the differently coloured boxes believed to imply PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions.

However, an alternative reading of the tweet is that it’s actually hinting at a remake or re-release of spin-off Crisis Core, originally released for the PSP in 2007.

Without wanting to get into spoilers, Crisis Core goes into detail on a key part of series lore by focusing on character Zack Fair. He’s almost certainly going to be important in the rest of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake so it’s understandable that Square Enix might want to go into more detail on his backstory.

Many fans seem to think that what’s being hinted at is a remake, but that seems unlikely given the amount of work that would involve, and the fact that it’s also coming to Nintendo Switch.

A simple remaster would seem to be the more likely explanation, although many people use the two terms interchangeably – even though they’re very different things.

Although it’s easy to imagine that the first Final Fantasy 7 Remake will eventually be released on all formats, The Snitch has seemingly confirmed that the leak is related to Crisis Core by liking a tweet from a fan suggesting exactly that.

In the future though it would be a lot more helpful if they could just use plain English, instead of trying to turn every leak into a Professor Layton puzzle.

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