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Best new mobile games on iOS and Android – November 2020 round-up

XCOM 2 ios screenshot

XCOM 2 in the palm of your hand (pic: Feral Interactive) GameCentral reviews a bumper crop of new smartphone games, including Samorost 2, Unmemory, and no less than XCOM 2. With the world’s eyes diverted by the sudden influx of good news, from the discovery of multiple effective COVID vaccines, to the launches of Xbox […]

PS5 games review round-up – every launch game rated

Spider-Man: Miles Morales screenshot

Spider-Man: Miles Morales – one of many great PS5 launch titles (pic: Sony) The next generation PlayStation 5 is finally available worldwide but while the console has had rave reviews what about the games? It’s not unknown for a new console to launch alongside a classic video game or two. Super Mario 64, Halo: Combat […]

Demon’s Souls PS5 review in progress – prepare to be amazed

Demon's Souls screenshot

Demon’s Souls – every frame a picture (pic: Sony) The most graphically advanced game on the PS5 is a remake of the forerunner to Dark Souls and it’s already a game of the year contender. If you’d told anyone 10 years ago that one of the most important launch games for the PlayStation 5 would […]