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Hades 2 revealed at The Game Awards 2022 – early access news next year

Hades 2 screenshot

Hades 2 – a surpise sequel (pic: Supergiant Games)

The Game Awards 2022 had many surprises but one of the first big ones was Hades 2 – the first ever sequel from Supergiant Games.

The lack of leaks had many worried that this year’s The Game Awards wouldn’t have much in the way of new announcements, but that wasn’t the case at all, with one of the very first announcements being Hades 2.

A sequel to the surprise hit indie rougelike, there wasn’t much information, with the majority of the reveal being an animated intro showcasing new protagonist Melinoë, Princess of the Underworld.

There were a few seconds of gameplay footage though, which looked very similar to the isometric original, except Melinoë’s very different abilities and weapons make it all seem excitingly different.

The only real clue as to the plot is that Melinoë is trying to kill the titan Chronos, although technically that’s confusing the personification of time with the actual titan called Cronus, who’s Zeus’ dad and the god of harvest – but then Hades did always play very loose with Greek myth.

There was no clue as to when the game will be released but it’ll start off in early access, probably only on PC.

You won’t even get news of that until next year, which suggests the game itself won’t be out until 2024 or later.

There’s a bit more information on the official FAQ, where developer Supergiant Games promise, ‘New locations, challenges, upgrade systems, and surprises await as you delve into the ever-shifting Underworld again and again.’

They also delve into the witchy origins of Melinoë, who’s a minor goddess in the original myths and which Supergiant seem to be connecting to the better known Hecate.

On a more practical level, they also confirm that the game will be released on both console and PC, but they don’t say which ones or whether they’ll all be released at the same time.

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