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Hannibal Barca Talent Tree Build

Hannibal Barca

Rarity: Legendary
Other Nations Other Nation | Carthage’s Guardian
Leadership Leadership |Siege Conquering |Defense Defense

Hannibal Barca was a Carthaginian general, considered one of the greatest military commanders in history.

His father Hamilcar Barca was the leading Carthaginian commander during the First Punic War.

His younger brothers were Mago and Hasdrubal, and he was brother-in-law to Hasdrubal the Fair.

Hannibal lived during a period of great tension in the western Mediterranean Basin when the Roman Republic established its supremacy over great powers such as ancient Carthage, the Etruscans, Samnites and the Greek king of Syracuse. One of his most famous achievements was the outbreak of the Second Punic War when he marched an army which included war elephants from Iberia over the Pyrenees and the Alps into Italy.

In his first few years in Italy, he won three dramatic victories – the Trebia, Lake Trasimene, and Cannae, in which he distinguished himself for his ability to determine his and his opponents’ respective strengths and weaknesses, and to plan the battle accordingly – and won over many allies of Rome.

Hannibal occupied much of Italy for 15 years but was unable to march on Rome. An enemy counter-invasion of Nort Africa forced him to return to Carthage, where he was decisively defeated by Scipio Africanus at the Battle of Zama.

war elephants

1st – War Elephants

Active Skill
Rage Requirement: 1000
Deals direct damage to a single target then decreases target’s damage and defense for the next 5 seconds.

Direct Damage Factor 150 / 200 / 250 / 300 / 400
Damage/Defense Reduction 10% / 13% / 16% / 20% / 25%

envelopment tactics

2nd – Envelopment Tactics

Passive Skill
When Hannibal’s army contains 2 different unit types, all damage is increased. If this army contains 3 different types, all damage is even further increased. (Warriors and swordsmen are the same unit type, while warriors and slingers are different unit types.)

Bonus Damage (2 Unit Types) 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% / 5%
Bonus Damage (3 Unit Types) 5% / 6% / 7% / 8% / 10%

siege skill

3rd – Siege

Passive Skill
When attacking other Goverrnors’ garrisons, Hannibal has a 10% chance to heal some of his slightly wounded units.

Healing Factor 500 / 600 / 700 / 800 / 1000

4th – Expedition

Passive Skill
Increases troop capacity. When battling outside of alliance territory, increases the damage of all Hannibal’s troops for 3 seconds after using a skill.

Troop Capacity Bonus 3% / 4.5% / 6% / 8% / 10%
Damage Bonus 5% / 7% / 9% / 12% / 15%

elephant trample

5th – War Elephant Trample

Passive Skill
Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 400) to a single target then deals additional damage (Damage Factor 300) to 3 targets in a forward direrction on the next turn and decreases damage of the 3 targets by 25% and defense by 25% for 3 seconds.

Based on his skills, Hannibal Barca specializes exceptionally well in leading rallies. Yes, he is not an exceptional nuker or city conqueror when he is alone. But when he leads a rally especially with mixed up to 3 different unit types, his maximum potential is fully utilized. His ability to increase his overall damage through his second skill, Envelopment Tactics, and fourth skill, Expedition, will significantly improve the offensive rating of his rally. The amount of damage increase does impact a march regardless if it’s a single march or a rally. But in a rally, any slight increase of stats will add up a significant amount of stat increase; thus, its impact is even more than a single march.

Apart from that, Hannibal Barca is also capable of debuffing up to 3 enemy target’s attack damage by 25% while improving his own defense by 25%. Plus, he has a healing ability which improves his march’s damage sustainability. All of his skills are very beneficial to his army. In fact, all of the buffs he provides to his army is not limited to any specific type of unit. This clearly makes him a great rally leader. Surely, he will be able to bully any march or any reinforced structure with the set of skills he has. However, as I’ve said earlier, his overall impact will significantly be limited by his talent build. Thus, this Hannibal Barca Talent Tree Build Guide will show you how to build him as one of the best rally leading commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.


Since this Hannibal Barca Talent Tree Build is an exceptional Hannibal Barca build for rally leading, this guide strongly suggests the following commanders as secondary commander for Hannibal Barca.

1. Mehmed II

Mehmed II Profile Page
Mehmed II Profile Page

For rallying reinforced structures, Mehmed II is a great secondary commander for Hannibal Barca. He is an exceptional city conquering commander; thus, he greatly improves the city conquering ability of their march. He is able to increase his march attack, skill damage and rallied army capacity. Other than that, he deals powerful nuking damage to city garrisons and watchtower; thereby, making him a very ideal pair for Hannibal Barca when attacking cities or reinforced structures.

2. Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar Profile Page
Julius Caesar Profile Page

Another recommended pair for Hannibal Barca is Julius Caesar. Julius’ powerful buffs creates an excellent synergy with Hannibal Barca. Both of them significantly increase their march’s attack and defense. However, for this pairing, it is recommended, though not necessary, that Julius is the primary commander so that Hannibal Barca’s nuking damage will benefit from the damage increase brought by Julius.

3. Scipio Africanus

Scipio Africanus Profile Page
Scipio Africanus Profile Page

If you only have epic commanders as secondary commander for Hannibal Barca, then a recommended pair for him would be Scipio Africanus. Scipio’s leadership skills, buffs and city conquering skills will also create a great synergy for their march.

Talent Tree Builds

For this rallying build in our Hannibal Barca Talent Tree Build, we won’t be focusing too much on the Conquering Talent Tree since it will significantly limit him on rallying reinforced structures. This is generally a rally build for any kind of PvP. Thus, we will focus on the Leadership Talent Tree to make him exceptionally well in leading rallies with mixed types of units for any kind of situation.

Leadership Talents for this Hannibal Barca Rallying Talent Build
Leadership Talents for this Hannibal Barca Rallying Talent Build

To start, this Hannibal Barca Talent Tree Build recommends immediately unlocking all of the Leadership talents we need for this build. Unlock Armored to the Teeth & Armed to the Teeth to further improve his buffs to mixed types of units. Obviously, you’ll have to unlock all of the other talents underneath the talents I’ve mentioned. Finally, unlock Close Formation and Strategic Prowess. These talents complete our talent build for Hannibal Barca’s Leadership Talent Tree.

Attack Talents for this Hannibal Barca Rallying Talent Tree Build
Attack Talents for this Hannibal Barca Rallying Talent Tree Build

Next, move to Hannibal Barca’s Attack Talent Tree. Unlock Effortless to significantly increase his all of his troops damage. Also, unlock Martial Mastery to increase his troop’s normal attack damage.

Name of the King Talent in Hannibal Barca's Leadership Talent Tree
Name of the King Talent in Hannibal Barca’s Leadership Talent Tree

You’ll probably still have some remaining talent points after you’ve followed this Hannibal Barca Talent Tree Build Guide. You may spend the remaining talent points on Name of the King in his Leadership Talent Tree.

Once you’ve completed all of his talents, Hannibal Barca will definitely become a beast in rallying and in PVP battles. Any receiving structure or march from his rally attacks will definitely feel the wrath of a powerful Hannibal Barca built using this talent tree build.