Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy delayed till next year

Hogwarts Legacy screenshot

Hogwarts Legacy – magically delayed (pic: WB Games)

Another key game for 2021 has been delayed, as big budget role-player Hogwarts Legacy is pushed back until next year.

It always looked unlikely to make it out this year and now Warner Bros. has confirmed it: Hogwarts Legacy will not be out until 2022.

Although it was originally down for 2021 nothing has been heard about the Harry Potter tie-in since it was first announced last September.

At the time it wasn’t clear whether Warner was just trying to avoid getting caught up in J. K. Rowling’s social media meltdown or if there was some kind of problem, but now it’s been confirmed that the game has fallen behind schedule.

The official announcement offers no explanation for the delay but no doubt it’s simply the latest in a long line of games to struggle with the limitations of working from home during the pandemic.

The wording does seem pretty certain that things won’t take any longer than 2022 though, so that’s something at least.

Hogwarts Legacy is set in the 1800s, so a long time before any of the main characters were around, and allows you to create your own character to play as.

The game is being developed by Avalanche Software, who’ve previously done good work with Toy Story 3 and Disney Infinity.

How much Hogwarts Legacy really is a role-playing game though, and not just a third person action adventure, remains to be seen. Although there is now plenty of time for previews later in the year…

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Source: Metro UK

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