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How to Defeat All Bosses in ceroli crisis tips Event

Tip A – Z guide that helps governors defeat all of the bosses from the event Ceroli Crisis Event in Rise of Kingdoms.

ceroli crisis tips

Ceroli Crisis Event Info


Far in the north, there is an ancient and mysterious barbarian kingdom — Ceroli.

The Kingdom of Ceroli has been isolated from the civilized world for ages. But recently, almost all governors of the kingdoms received a request for aid.

A military coup appears to be underway. Powerful generals of Ceroli have surrounded the capital and tried to force the king from his throne, intending to put another member of the royal family in his place. But the king, in his desperation, made the decision to break with centuries of tradition. he has called for outside help! On the king’s orders, his servants and advisors have journeyed to every corner of the world, seeking warriors that might come to their king’s aid in his hour of need.

How to Play

Brave warriors from different kingdoms are randomly matched together in a brand new map to fight a battle of epic proportions. Deploy your most powerful troop and with your teammates by your side, take down the treacherous general that stands before you. After the crisis has been resolved, the king of Ceroli will reward each Governor based on their performance.


  1. Participation Requirements: Event open to all Governors at City Hall level 10 or higher.
  2. Difficulty: Governors can pick a general and any difficulty they want to challenge from the main event panel. Each difficulty has a minimum Power requirement which must be reached before starting the challenge.
  3. Invites: Governors can tap Invite to share a challenge invitation link to other Governors in any chat channel, and likewise join another Governor’s challenge through their invitation link. *Governors who have not yet reached the Power requirement will not be able to challenge through the link provided.
  4. Matchmaking: During the event, Governors can be matched cross-kingdoms and must confirm by tapping on a button once the matchmaking process is complete. All participants will enter the battlefield automatically once everyone is ready.
  5. Challenge Rules: The basic rules of battle are essentially the same as in normal map battles. Governors on the battlefield will not be permitted to leave battle once the general has been activated, not until one side has been completely wiped out. The general will reset to their starting status once all Governors’ troops are completely wiped out, but Governors can still keep on challenging. Each Governor can only dispatch one troop per battlefield.
  6. Units: Governors can dispatch the same troop strength as in the outside world during the event. All wounded units will be immediately healed once the battle has ended.
  7. Rewards and Rewards Chances: Governors can defeat generals to earn corresponding rewards. For the duration of each event, Governors can challenge any general an unlimited number of times, but can only earn reward from each general three times, no matter the difficulty challenged. This restriction is removed the next time the event opens up again. Governors who deal less than 1% damage will not be eligible for a reward Those who leave mid way are ineligible for a reward. The more damage dealt to a general, the better the odds of receiving even more extra rewards.

ceroli crisis tips

Ceroli Crisis Bosses

Astrid Rise of Kingdoms


Astrid has two stances. When she’s on the battlefield, you’re gonna see the icons over her head with ease, which are the Spear Stance and the Club Stance

First Skill — Spear Volley: While in Spear Stance, expend 2000 Rage and deals direct damage (Damage Factor 1000) to all enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area.

In the first stance, she does a 90-degree AoE skill so you’re gonna want one person taking that damage and everybody else not taking that damage and the reason is that if you get hit by this, you’re gonna take a debuff that makes 500 percent extra damage for every stack and that’s continuous damage.

astrid first skill
Only 1 army takes this skill!

Puncture Wounds: While in Spear Stance, any target struck by Astrid’s skills will be debuffed for 60 seconds (Increases the target’s Continuous Damage Taken by 500%). This effect can stack, each stack will refresh the duration of the entire stack. This effect cannot be removed.

There’s going to be some abilities, that do continuous damage, that are going to wreck you completely when they fire off if you have this debuff so one person only takes the debuff, no more!

Ways of Fire: While in Spear Stance, whenever attacked there is a chance to randomly select a target, and after 8 seconds Astrid charges at her target for 7 seconds. If Astrid successfully hits that target during her charge, she deals damage (Damage Factor 3000) to all targets in the target’s nearby area, and debuffs them with 3 stacks of negative effects from the skill “Puncture Wounds”.

So she’s gonna give you 8 seconds to run away then she’s gonna start chasing you. She’s gonna give up after 7 seconds and go back to battling!

It’s best to just run. If you don’t getaway, you’re gonna get hit with debuffs and she could do tons of damage towards your army.

astrid charging
Astrid charging you? Just run!

It’s easy! Just run! After this, she’s gonna switch the stance.

Earth Shatter: While in Club Stance, expend 2000 Rage and deal continuous area damage (Damage Factor 1000) to all enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped arena, lasts for 3 seconds.

When she switches stances, she’s gonna be invulnerable for a time.

She’s going to do the continuous area damage as mentioned above to all enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area for 3 seconds.

This effect is half of a circle, meaning it’s big area that it’s gonna get hit!

If you have the stacks from phase one, you will be instantly killed here. Even If you are using T5 troops and 50% expansions, you will still be dead.

Whoever is tanking in the first phase of the fight should be the only one having the debuff and should run away when the boss switches the stance in phase 2.

The boss will go hit somebody else. The rest of the group still fights.

She’s gonna switch back and forth between her forms every 60 seconds

Royal Bloodline: After being in the battle for 300 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%

The limited amount of time to beat Astrid is 300 seconds before you’re basically just dead


  1. Have one person who’s taking the damage and getting the debuff
  2. When she drops an arrow on somebody’s head, run away. Come back and fight after she stops chasing you
  3. She’s gonna switch to the next phase and whoever was taking damage in phase 1 needs to run away so that they don’t get rekt by her continuous damage and then once their debuff falls off, they can go back in

We don’t really need AoE damage here. The single target damage commanders are better here. You want the March Speed you want high damage because this is ultimately going to be a damage race.

Recommendations would be commanders like  Khan,  Takeda,  Cao Cao, and  Minamoto.

It’s recommended to use any runes you can find on the map that boosts your armies. If you are attacking the hardest difficulties, 25/50% army expansion is a must-have!

Frida Rise of Kingdoms


Blade of Rime: While in Normal Form, expend 2500 Rage and deals damage (Damage Factor 1000) to all enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area.

It is recommended to 4 dispatches in the four cardinal directions (North, South, East, and West). One person on each point, that way you don’t get hit with multiple times at once.

Frida's Blade of Rime
Frida’s Blade of Rime

Arctic Expanse: Whenever attacked, there is a chance to deal delayed area damage (Damage Factor 3000) underneath a random target.

If you see a red circle underneath you, just get out and you will be fine. The only person who maybe shouldn’t move is the one who can tank damage. Otherwise,  the boss is gonna move around.

Arctic Expanse
Run when you see a red circle at your army!

Freezing Seal: Frida starts off battle in Normal Form, and enters Frozen Form after 60 seconds, rendering her invincible and reducing her attack to 50% of her original value, lasts for 90 seconds.

In this second phase, she basically becomes invulnerable and lets small troops come in to fight you.

You need to spread out and battle the little armies that come to fight you. They are really easy to beat

Just don’t stack up when all those armies are coming in because they do AoE attack. Regardless, you spread out because of the Thawing Point skill.

Thawing Point: When Frozen form ends, deals area damage (Damage Factor 10000) multiple times in a circular area, Frida then reverts back to Normal Form but increases all damage taken by 50% for 60 seconds.

It is a huge area! the majority of the map is going to explode so you need to be all the way on the edges to avoid getting hit by this you’ll see the huge circle on the ground just be far away you can avoid being hit.

Thawing Point
Thawing Point — Get-away-if-you-don’t-want-to-take-this!

As soon as she goes into this invulnerable phase, you should just get away from her. There’s literally zero reasons to be near her and risk getting hit!

Get back to her again only after she’s done this huge skill.

Royal Bloodline: After being in battle for 600 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%.

You have 10 minutes before she enrages and kills you instantly.

Blades of Defrost: The troops led and summoned by Frida deal reduced damage to infantry units.

We did not think that Infantry is that much better here. We actually thought that the Cavalry damage is so much better.

You can focus on single target damage like  Khan and  Takeda, which is a pretty cool combo! Takeda has a bunch of healing, he deals with taking damage really well.

 Guan +  Alex is another excellent combo here.

If you’re using Epics for either this fight,  Pelagius,  Sun Tzu is a really good pick to cover your base for AoE and single target damage!

You also could look at  Pelagius and  Belisarius combo. Belisarius has 25% extra damage when the target is below 50%. This is really solid as a free-to-play.

If you’re bringing infantry commanders,  Eulji or  Boudica,  Sun Tzu is a pretty solid pick!

keira Rise of Kingdoms


It’s nice to have  Minamoto applying the Warlord debuff and have somebody bring  Edward and  Tomyris to increase the skill damage taken by Keira!

She’s gonna drop down a shield dome and you have to get under the shield dome or you are going to die.

shield dome keira

The only thing that’s gonna stop you from doing that is if you blow up, you are slowed.

In this fight the big secret is that you need to be in the cardinal directions: One in the North, South, East and West. That way you can avoid blowing up your friends and making them move slowly.

Stay far enough away from each other so that you’re not getting hit.

If you’re using Epic cavalry, I definitely think you want the AoE of a commander like Sun Tzu so that you can deal with the small troops.

Shop Ceroli Crisis Event

What to buy in Ceroli Shop?

The single best item in the shop is the Expedition War Helm Blueprint Fragment.

It is really phenomenal. It basically is giving you 4% of cavalry stats.

Another best purchases are Vanguard Greaves BlueprintFragments and Vanguard Halberd Blueprint Fragment.

Just make it easy because the items and the coins you have earned in this event are permanent and they will not go away.