How to get a PS5 in the UK next week – Argos stock on its way

PS5 console retail box

Available now-ish (pic: Sony)

The PlayStation Showcase highlighted a host of promising looking new PS5 games but what if you still haven’t managed to get a console?

Sony got a lot of fans excited with the PlayStation Showcase on Thursday night, but the one obvious problem is that it’s still difficult to get hold of a PlayStation 5 and, according to the latest reports, that may not change until as late as 2023.

If you know when and where to look though the PlayStation 5 is far from impossible to acquire and the next best chance in the UK is from Argos next week.

According to stock checker channel PS5 Stock UK consoles are already being transported from warehouses around the country and taken to local stores, which means they should be in stock from sometime between Monday and Friday next week, after 8am.

The PlayStation 5 has been much easier to get hold of in the last few months, with most major stores getting two or three restocks each month.

Scan had stock in today, and may still have it via their live chat if you’re lucky, and before that AO – although they’re definitely now sold out.

The situation is much the same for the Xbox Series X, which regularly comes back into stock but only for 30 minutes or so before running out again.

The cheaper Xbox Series S is much easy to get though and is freely available, at time of writing, at, GAME, and others.

Although the general situation will continue to improve for all consoles there’s likely to be a dip in availability during the run up to Christmas, for obvious reasons, so if you are looking to get one as a gift then it would be better to try sooner rather than later.

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