How to roll down all car windows in GTA Online with new update

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A cool trick to know, literally (pic: YouTube)

A reader offers the secret trick to rolling down all the windows in any car from GTA Online, something previously thought impossible.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been out since 2013 and is the fastest-selling entertainment product in history. The game includes everything from flying bikes to submergible vehicles, with a lot of advanced mechanics and a slew of vehicles added to the game since its initial launch. And yet players still find themselves asking the question: ‘How do I roll all my windows down in my car?’ A very basic question in 2021.

While many players are familiar with the ‘middle finger out the window’ method (which simply requires a player to be unarmed in their vehicle and to press the ‘fire’ button while using the third person perspective) this method, unfortunately, does not allow the player to roll down windows in the vehicle – only the driver side window which the player sticks their middle finger out of.

Even if you google ‘GTA 5-how to roll down your windows’ results will show this ‘middle finger out the window’ method, which isn’t helpful for players who aren’t going through a fast food drive thru.

Additionally, with the latest release of the Los Santos Tuners update players have discover a way to roll down their windows, but the drawback… It only works with one specific vehicle type: convertibles! With the update released back in July, Rockstar added a vehicle function to the Interaction menu that allows a player’s car roof to go up or down.

With this new feature, players can raise and lower their roof to their car, and this applies to the car windows as well, but as mentioned before, this only works for convertibles. One vehicle this works for 100% guaranteed is the new Dinka RT3000.

So, you may be asking, how do you roll down your windows with any vehicle? The answer is simple. Thanks to a little-known YouTube channel, ThisiscoolGAMES, players only need to own a high-end apartment to roll down all their windows. The steps are highlighted in the channel’s YouTube video below.

ThisiscoolGAMES demonstrates, once a player owns a high-end apartment they must follow these steps to be able to roll down their windows:

  1. Set up any Heist from Ron or Lester.
  2. Once set up, all the player has to do is walk around in a free mode lobby and wait for Ron or Lester to text you: ‘Come back to the Heist board in your apartment’.
  3. After a player accepts the text and has been transported to their high-end apartment, all the player needs to do is leave the Heist board and go outside.
  4. Voila! Walk over to your car, and you’ll see that windows in your vehicle have now been rolled down!

Some players may ask, why would you want to roll down all your windows? ThisiscoolGAMES explains it very simply in their video: ‘because it’s f**** cool’. So now you can pull up on your friends in style at this weekends’ car meet.

By reader Khalil Bennett

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