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Kanye West pitched a video game idea to Nintendo about his dead mother

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Kanye West could’ve been a game designer (pic: PA)

Mario and Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto has related a story about how Kanye West approached him with an idea for a new game.

Since most of them don’t talk about it a lot in public, it’s often a surprise to find out which celebrities are gamers. If you’re a fan though you’ll know Kanye West is definitely keen, as at one point he was going to name an album Turbo Grafx 16, after the American name for the PC Engine.

He also famously attended E3 a few times, the video games expo in L.A. which, in its heyday, attracted everyone who’s anyone in the games industry, including luminaries such as Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto – widely accepted as the most influential video game designer in history.

Kanye was certainly a fan and according to Zachary Ryan, who is currently Lead Community Producer at Twitch, he once turned up demanding a meeting with Miyamoto, so that he could pitch his game idea to him.

Ryan recounted his anecdote in a lengthy Twitter thread, where he recalls travelling to New York to interview Miyamoto about the upcoming Star Fox Zero.

Before the interview started, Ryan happened to mention Kanye’s new album The Life of Pablo and when Miyamoto overheard Ye’s name being mentioned he launched into a peculiar anecdote about how the rapper had asked to meet him at E3 2015, so that he could show him a prototype for his video game idea.

Although it’s not clear what the game was running on, the idea was to play as Kanye’s late mother as she ascends to Heaven, with a soundtrack conducted by Kanye.

Ryan doesn’t offer a more detailed explanation of what the game looked or played like, but apparently Miyamoto said ‘it was very interesting’ and ‘very moving’.

Clearly the game never happened but Miyamoto does seem to have been very positive about the whole encounter, no matter how strange it seemed even to him.

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