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New 3 Keira Talent Tree Builds

Keira Talent Tree


Rarity: Epic
Other Nations Other | The Red Chamelon
Archer Archer |Peace Keeping Peacekeeping |Skill Skill

Keira ’s Skills

1st –  Dance of the Flametongue

Active Skill
Rage Requirement: 1000
Deals damage to 3 enemies at max in a forward-facing fan-shaped area. The damage will be reduced by 15% for each additional enemy.

Direct Damage Factor: 500/600/700/800/1000

Even though there are some damage reductions when she is targeting more than 1 enemy, this is a pretty decent skill in terms of damage. It does an extra 200 damage per second for 2 seconds when you have the Expertise unlocked.

2nd – Allies or Enemies?

Passive Skill
Keira’s army will deal extra damage to Barbarians and other neutral units. If it’s during Ceroli Crisis or Ian’s Ballads, they will deal 5% more damage

Bonus Damage To Barbarians: 5%/10%/17%/25%/35%
Damage Bonus: 5%/10%/17%/25%/35%

Getting extra damage for Barbarians & neutral units is always something excellent for F2P Players! Now you can do a lot better in Ceoli Crisis even when you don’t have Legendary commanders with high nuking damage.

3rd – Ceroli Sharpshooter

Passive Skill
Increases attack and defense of archer units in the army.

Archer Attack Bonus: 4%/5%/6%/8%/10%
Archer Defense Bonus: 4%/5%/6%/8%/10%

Very decent but we just can’t complain much for an Epic commander.

4th – The Mutineer

Passive Skill
Normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase the Skill Damage dealt to the enemies by 30% for 3 seconds. During “Ceroli Crisis” and “Ian’s Ballads”, targets will receive 50% more from Skill Damage.

Skill Damage Taken Increased: 30%/40%/50%/60%/80%
Increased Skill Damage Taken (Scenario Battle): 50%/70%/90%/120%/150%

Increasing damage by 150% more is pretty crazy. This is her signature skill and definitely the best one you want to aim for while building up her skills. 10% is actually not low at all when you are farming Barbarians all day long on the field.

5th – Undying Flames

New Passive Skill: Enemies that are damaged by the Dance of the Flametoungue skill will take additional continuous damage (Damage Factor 200) for 2 seconds.

Best Talen Tree Builds For Keira

In general her talent tree is pretty obvious to use as you have the Peacekeeping Tree that doesn’t make a lot of sense (except for one build) – but let’s go through all of them.

Keira Talent Tree – Archer Build (All-Archer Army)

This is the main build that I recommend you to use if you run her primary and use her with a secondary commander with high synergy and with a full archer army:

keira archer skill build

The reason why this tree works fine is that a big part of her power comes from her passive skill (and that’s the insane debuff that increases skill damage on her enemies) – and you don’t need a rage engine to generate lots of range because this is a passive skill.

When re-building this talent setup you have a tough choice where to start and I recommend you to go into the Archery Tree first to unlock Venomous Sting – this increases the skill damage of Keira and her secondary commander and walks hand-in-hand with her debuff and AoE skill. But it gets crazyier with damage buffing.

But first now I would go into the Skill Tree and get Latent Power. This will buff skill damage by 6% for only using 11 talent points and you get Burning Blood as well which is, point-for-point, a great value for Keira at this point.

From here you start getting Whistling Arrows in the Archery Tree unlocked as quick as possible to get another chance to increase all damage (including skill damage) by 25% – imagine rolling all this increased damage with a secondary commander that will deal massive skill damage, you will crush.

Now the last points should go into Rejuvenate in the Skill Tree, even though you’re not that dependant on a rage engine it still is a huge increase. Last points then into Razor Sharp, Full Quiver and Tactical Mastery.

Keira Talent Tree – Skill Build (Mixed Army)

If you run Keira, for whatever reason, with a mixed army composition you can’t focus that much on the Archery Tree and then the Skill Tree is what you need:

keira skill tree build

You also want to get Venomous Sting in the Archery Tree first as it will increase that skill damage of Keira and her secondary commander no matter what troops you use – you will “waste” some talent point on the way but it’s still so valuable that you shouldn’t even think about having any build for Keira without.

After that it’s time to go for the Skill Tree and get Rejuvenate first before maxing out Feral Nature. This build will give her a massive range engine and she will cycle her primary skill a lot but I still say that she will deal less damage than running her with a full archer army and the Archery Build you see above.

Keira Talent Tree – March Speed / Barbarian Build

If you level her up and have her spend much time in the open field you want to get a hybrid build that will improve her march speed:

keira march speed build

First you will go into the Peacekeeping Tree and make your way to Thoroughbreds to get more march speed and also decrease the Action Points you need and experience she will gain from hunting barbarians – can be helpful to level her up faster.

Important, only spend 1 point into Thoroughbreds or you will be short later and that extra march speed is better than wasting attack power overall!

Now make your way to the Archery Tree and get Whistling Arrows unlocked by getting Venomous Sting first.

Last step will be getting Rejuvenate. If you’re really lacking march speed you can also put only 1 point into Rejuvenate and get 3 points into Thoroughbreds but that’s up to you – I personally will always prioritize Rejuvenate instead of some march speed.