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Leaked Halo TV show images give first look at Master Chief

Master Chief Halo TV series

If that’s fake, that’s one impressive cosplay (pic: Reddit)

A trailer for the Halo TV show appears to have leaked online, including images of Master Chief and a Warthog.

Despite first being announced eight years ago very little has ever been seen about the Halo TV series, with just the occasional minor update to prove it’s still alive. There isn’t even a trailer for it, even though it’s supposed to release in early 2022.

Some kind of trailer does seem to exist, however, with several images from it supposedly being shared online. The source of the leak appears to come from a ResetEra user claiming to have access to the trailer and saying they’ll share it if nothing is shown at E3 2021.

The video is apparently already on YouTube but is set to private, so only people given permission by the uploader can view it. While the video itself is unavailable, images from it have also popped up on places like Reddit, with a couple giving Halo fans their first glimpse of Master Chief himself.

Obviously, all of this should be taken with a grain of salt but, if the images in question have been faked, they’re really good fakes. Master Chief, in particular, looks identical to how he’s depicted in the games and his armour appears to be an actual costume and not CGI.

Other images include what seems to be one of the High Prophets (the leaders of the Covenant, the main antagonists of the original trilogy) and a couple of Warthog vehicles.

High Prophet Halo live action TV series

If this is one of the Prophets, they look a tad different to their game counterpart (Pic: Reddit)

Halo TV series Warthog

It’s a tad blurry but those are definitely Warthogs (Pic: Reddit)

Assuming it’s all real, the trailer could be officially shown during Microsoft’s E3 presentation. Halo Infinite is all but guaranteed to be featured and, with it scheduled to release this autumn, it would make sense for Microsoft to do some cross-promotion with the TV series.

Another ResetEra user has suggested that the trailer may not be shown to the public and has instead been made for internal use as a show in progress. But, if Microsoft wants to draw attention to the TV series, a large event like E3 would be the perfect place to show something.

The series has had something of a tumultuous development. Even before the coronavirus pandemic threw a spanner in the works, the concept has been around since as early as 2013 and originally had Steven Spielberg as producer.

Currently, the plan is to release the show on the Paramount+ streaming service, where it will consist of 10 episodes. The plot synopsis is rather vague at the moment, with the official blurb only describing it as ‘an epic 26th-century conflict between humanity and an alien threat known as the Covenant … Halo will weave deeply drawn personal stories with action, adventure and a richly imagined vision of the future.’

Rather than adapt any of the games, the series will tell a brand new story altogether, but will respect the series canon, meaning it shouldn’t deviate too much from established lore.

As for Master Chief, he will serve as the lead character, played by Pablo Schreiber, with Jen Taylor reprising her role from the games as the AI Cortana. That’s different to the original plan, where the Chief would have appeared only intermittently, but The Mandalorian proves that a guy who never takes of his helmet can lead a TV show after all.

Master Chief Halo TV series live action

Think he’ll ever take the helmet off? (Pic: Reddit)

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