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Lego Luigi gets his own Starter Course set for Lego Super Mario

Lego Luigi Starter Course

Luigi gets his chance to play with Lego (pic: Lego)

The Super Mario line of Lego sets is set for another expansion, as Luigi gets his own minifigure that’s exactly one brick taller than Mario.

Nintendo and Lego are one of those couples that as soon as you see them together you know they’re perfect for each other.

As companies they have much in common, in terms of their creativity, their ability to appeal to all ages, and their intense secrecy and inscrutability.

So it’s no surprise to find that the Lego Super Mario series of sets, that started last year, have been a great success and are set to continue, with the addition of an interactive Bluetooth Luigi minifigure.

Rather than just being recreations of famous buildings or vehicles the Super Mario sets are presented as the physical equivalent of Super Mario Maker, in that you’re encouraged to take the component pieces and build your own courses that the minifigures can interact with.

Previously, Mario was the only character available but now Lego are releasing a Luigi minifigure as well, as part of the new Luigi Starter Course set.

The set is similar to the Mario one, in that it includes all the basics you need to create your own Lego course, such as a start pipe and a goal pole, but with different pieces and characters, including a pink Yoshi, Boom Boom, and a Bone Gomba.

Lego Luigi Starter Course

The Luigi Starter Course is out this summer (pic: Lego)

In keeping with series lore, the Luigi minifigure is one Lego plate taller than the Mario one but otherwise includes the same LCD screen and speaker that reacts to the various bricks he touches.

This includes a colour sensor, so the minifigure knows whether it’s treading on lava, poison, and other terrain types – including a new brown one for towers.

Luigi Starter Course is set number 71387 and costs a surprisingly reasonable, given the cost of Lego in general, £49.99. It’ll be released on August 1, but you can pre-order it today from the Lego website.

According to Lego, the existing Super Mario sets have been one of their ‘most successful theme launches’ of recent years, which suggests that more Nintendo sets could be coming in the future.

Neither company has talked about anything other than Super Mario but there have certainly been plenty of fan suggestions and at this point Animal Crossing, in particular, seems like a no-brainer.

More obscure franchises may also get a look in, as Lego has a range of sets that are designed by fans, after being voted on at the Lego Ideas website, and these often include licensed themes that probably wouldn’t have got made otherwise.

That’s how the recently announced Lego Sonic The Hedgehog set came to be and may also make things like this Metroid set a reality at some point.

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