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Mass Effect Legendary Edition remaster details Mass Effect 1 and Mako changes

Mass Effect Legendary Edition screenshot

Mass Effect Legendary Edition – not as you remember it (pic: BioWare)

BioWare has provided a highly detailed list of changes in the Mass Effect trilogy remasters, with the original almost sounding like a new game.

It’s not been a happy few years for Mass Effect fans, following the release of the much pilloried Mass Effect Andromeda, but that’s all set to change next month when Mass Effect Legendary Edition is released – a set of remasters of all three original games.

Developer BioWare has already described how the new versions will increase the frame rate and resolution, and add HDR support, but the most important changes are to the gameplay – especially that of the original game.

The first Mass Effect was much more of a traditional role-playing game than the later two, with more reliance on stats and a larger random element to combat, but that will all be gone in the remaster.

What has changed in the Mass Effect remasters?

A new blog goes into great detail about all the changes, almost like a set of patch notes, but the short story is that Mass Effect 1 is being turned into more of an action game, to fit in more with its sequels.

Combat will add a melee button and faster weapon cooldowns, while all three games will benefit from an improved cover system. Squad-mates can also now be directed individually and experience points will be awarded more fairly.

The other big change is to the Mako vehicle, which was a nightmare to control in the original. In the remasters though it will offer a ‘much smoother ride’, as well as a faster shield recharging rate, and easier ways to get out of rocky terrain.

The remasters will also include a host of other changes, including remixed audio, hundreds of bug fixes, and full integration of all DLC weapons and armour.

It all sounds exactly what fans have always wanted and will pave the way for the release of Mass Effect 4 in the more distant future.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition will launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on May 14.

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