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Vanguard Zero – A Veteran’s Review

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For those who have followed me for a while, they know I am a veteran of TCGs; and the very first one I played was Cardfight Vanguard! The game itself has helped me find a lot of close friends and it has also shown me a whole new world. So when I heard that we were finally getting the Mobile version, I was excited, to say the least. So I started playing it and could not stop; let us dive into this and see what the final verdict is!

The PS VITA: An Overlooked System

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In the gaming world, there have been a lot of consoles to hit the market; some were trash such as the PS Go. Others were amazing, and we’re are lucky to have them! The first one that comes to mind when talking about such great handheld consoles is the Playstation Vita (2011-2018). So today lets look at the overshadowed Playstation Vita, which can still be used with the Playstation 4 today, as well as staying up to today’s standards!

Evertale: A Different Take on RPGs

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So I was messing around the other day when I came across an interesting-looking game called Evertale. Typically, I tend not to buy mobile games; but something about this one was different, and considering it was only $1 on the google play store; I decided to take the chance on it and see what it had to offer. So I played it over on my Twitch stream and some of it off-stream to see how really good it was. So let us hop in and see what I came across!

Pokemon Crystal: A forgotten Classic

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I am pretty sure that everyone remembers their first mobile game from when they were young. Well for me it was the good old classic of Pokemon. A good chunk of you guys may have not heard of this game or may have forgotten all about it; The game I am talking about is Pokemon Crystal; one of the best Pokemon games of all times! So let’s dive into one of the most pinnacle games on the game boy color!

Game Review: Has-Been Heroes

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Being a video game collector, I tend to gather good and bad games for the overall collection! Over the course of collecting, playing and enjoying/hating games, Has-Been Heroes has come up in more than one occasion! So I finally sat down, plugged up my Switch to the big screen and put it in! So let us go over what I experienced and see if you should as well!