My Friend Peppa Pig gameplay video actually looks kind of great

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If your kids are obsessed by Peppa Pig then there’s a surprisingly impressive video game on the way, that looks exactly like the show.

Trying to recreate the look of a movie or TV show is a difficult thing for a video game, with developers often struggling to match the same tone and atmosphere – especially if they haven’t got access to the original actors. But now Alien Isolation has real competition in the authenticity stakes from… My Friend Peppa Pig.

The game was announced a few months ago but it wasn’t clear what exactly it is and even after this new gameplay trailer, which lasts over three minutes, it’s still not really obvious. But you certainly can’t argue that it doesn’t look and sound like the show.

According to developer Outright Games it’s a single-player story driven adventure where you get to create your own customisable character (which you can see happening at the beginning of the game) and hang out with Peppa and her friends.

What exactly you in the game still isn’t made plain though and while you’d imagine some sort of mini-game collection, or maybe even an attempt to copy Animal Crossing, the trailer doesn’t really point to it being either of those things.

It may be that it’s essentially a Telltale style graphic adventure where all you do is make dialogue choices. Although probably not life-changing moral decisions – unless you consider that to include whether or not to jump in a muddy puddle.

The game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Stadia, so it’s being treated as proper console release, with a RRP of £34.99.

Its release date is October 22, so it’s going to be interesting to see whether it’s a hit despite the fact that the show has numerous free apps already available.

My Friend Peppa Pig screenshot

My Friend Peppa Pig – Mr Potato is our favourite (pic: Hasbro)

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