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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is this week, includes save transfer

Animal Crossing: New Horizons screenshot

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Thanksgiving by any other name (pic: Nintendo)

Nintendo has outlined their plans for Animal Crossing for the next couple of months, but there’s still no word on Brewster.

Things have been a little quiet on the Animal Crossing front lately, but Nintendo has just released a video detailing the next update, which will include all the seasons’ celebrations and a number of new features.

The free update will be released on Thursday, November 19 and will include the long-awaited ability to transfer your island to a different Nintendo Switch – which is essential if you ever buy a new console.

Save transfers will also allow you to move out a player to their own copy of the game, if they started playing as just a guest but later got their own Switch, so they don’t have to start again from scratch.

The update will also bring with it the expected seasonal celebrations, with ‘Turkey Day’ due to take place on November 26 and seems to involve using up all those pumpkins you grew for Halloween.

Although the celebrations coincide with real world events they usually have different names, so Christmas Eve is ‘Toy Day’ and will include the ability to give people presidents as well as what is blatantly a Christmas tree and references to ‘Santa’.

Then finally you’ve got New Year’s Eve on December 31, which will feature fireworks again, after their debut earlier in the year.

A number of other new features are being added at unspecified times, possibly as soon as this Thursday, and include new hairstyles; new reactions, including sitting down and waving; and the ability to expand your home storage (no doubt for a fee from Tom Nook).

The end of the video hints that Pavé the peacock will be in the first update of the new year, which likely means the Festivale event in February or March – Animal Crossing’s equivalent of Mardi Gras.

What’s surprising though is that there’s still no hint of Brewster the pigeon and his café, despite the game itself seeming to tease his arrival all the way back in April.

Whether that was delayed by the coronavirus is unclear, but it does seem odd that it hasn’t turned up yet.

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Source: Metro UK