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New Bloodborne game is on the way claims insider

Bloodborne screenshot

Bloodborne – let us cleanse these foul streets, again (pic: Sony)

Rumours suggest that Sony is planning a new Bloodborne release but it’s unclear whether it’s a remaster, remake or sequel.

It may not have been the biggest seller but as far as many people are concerned, including ourselves, Bloodborne is the best PlayStation exclusive ever made. Not only that but FromSoftware’s best game and one of the greatest video games of all time.

Despite its level of acclaim though there hasn’t been a new release for the game since its one and only DLC expansion in 2015 and, peculiarly, it has not received any kind of PlayStation 5 patch – even though performance issues were the only major fault with the game.

Whether that’s due to some kind of falling out between Sony and From, or because a larger project is brewing between them, has never been clear but the latest rumour suggests that it may be the latter.

According to former IGN editor and Kinda Funny co-founder Colin Moriarty a new Bloodborne related release is in development, although he wasn’t at all specific about what form it would take.

‘You haven’t seen the last of Bloodborne, I can tell you that’, he said during a discussion of the game, before refusing to elaborate further.

His coyness may be a result of claims he made last year that Bluepoint Games is working on both a remaster of the original and a sequel.

Not only has neither project been announced but Bluepoint, who were recently bought by Sony, have revealed that their next project is not a remaster or remake but ‘original content’.

At the time this was taken to mean a new IP but technically that’s not what they said, and they would be an obvious developer to tap for a Bloodborne sequel, given their excellent work on the Demon’s Souls remake.

Unless they’re really not on speaking terms, there’s no reason to think Sony couldn’t get FromSoftware to make the sequel, as they have not yet announced a new project to follow Elden Ring.

They’re currently likely to be developing Elden Ring DLC, and there are believable rumours of a new Armored Core, but neither rules out working on something as big as Bloodborne 2 in the near future.

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