New Halo Infinite multiplayer test needs as many players as possible

Halo Infinite multiplayer Spartans

‘Uh, no, we’re gonna need more players than this’ (Picture: 343 Industries)

Another multiplayer preview for Halo Infinite is happening in a couple of weeks, but it’s still only available for Halo Insiders.

Halo Infinite is still three months away, so 343 Industries is using the time to hold another multiplayer preview to ensure everything is up to scratch before the game releases. And this time, it wants as many players as it can get.

The last preview was limited to only a select number. Plus, you needed to be a member of the Halo Insiders programme. For the second preview, 343 is looking to include as many players as possible, although you will still need to be a Halo Insider to take part.

Community director Brian Jarrad took to Twitter to ask that more people sign up for the Insiders programme. That way, they can really push the services and infrastructure before launch.

‘We need everyone’s help, let’s see how hard we can push our services and infrastructure so things will fall down during the preview instead of in December.

‘We urgently need as many Insiders signed up and ready to go by September 13 since it takes a fair amount of time to work through all the other steps on our side.’

You can sign up for the programme at this link and, if you missed out on the last preview, it sounds like the larger player demand means you’re odds of being included in this one are much higher. The only catch is you’ll need to do so before September 13; anyone who signs up after that date won’t be eligible for the preview.

As for what will be included in the preview, the main focus will be on Arena PvP, with a new map and some objective modes added as well. Bots and the Academy training mode will be brought back too.

Not only that, but the Big Team Battle mode will be featured, which has 24 players split across two teams of 12 duking it out. Jarrad promises more info to come, with the preview itself taking place on September 24.

Halo Infinite releases for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on December 8.

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