New Mass Effect 4 artwork hints at return to Andromeda

Mass Effect 4 artwork

Who’s building the new mass relays? (pic: Tumblr)

BioWare has released three new pieces of artwork for the new Mass Effect and it looks like it may involve a return to the Andromeda galaxy.

Although we now know that BioWare are working on a new Mass Effect game (and remasters of the first three) there’s absolutely no official information and no clue as to whether it really is Mass Effect 4 or another spin-off like 2017’s Andromeda.

Apart from saying the new game exists the only thing BioWare has revealed so far is some fairly non-descript artwork of a vehicle that seems to be called a Mud Skipper.

But a new book on the history of BioWare, subtitled Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development has just been released and a fan on Tumblr have been taking snapshots of some of the most revealing artwork.

Mass Effect 4 artwork

That seems to be the Mud Skipper on the left (pic: Tumblr)

The book contains four images that appear to relate to the new game, starting with the same Mud Skipper one from their blog – which some fans now claim shows the Angara aliens from Andromeda.

It’s hard to be sure (not least because the Angara were fairly bland looking designs) but the image above also seems to be of the Mud Skipper and features a different race of aliens.

The other two pieces of artwork are a little easier to interpret, with the one below seeming to show Remnant architecture – which is also from Mass Effect: Andromeda.

All of this is very surprising as Andromeda was a critical and commercial flop, that many fans strongly dislike, and was not made by the same team as the first three games – so, especially as it’s a spin-off, you would’ve felt fairly confident in predicting it’d never be referenced again.

This is just production artwork – look at the same sort of thing for any movie and see how little of it makes it into the final product – but the implications are still surprising.

Mass Effect 4 artwork

The Remnant and Angara both seem to be back (pic: Tumblr)

The final image, from the top of the page, is something more in line with what you’d expect though, as it seems to show the construction of a new Mass Relay – the giant structures used to travel faster than light in the Mass Effect universe.

They were all destroyed at the end of the third game (or at least in one of the endings) so it makes sense that more would be needed. But then the people stuck in the Andromeda galaxy would need one too, so maybe it’s that instead.

Either way, the text of the book offers no clues, with BioWare’s Mike Gamble saying only that, ‘There’s an incredible universe of history to draw from, and many more stories for us to tell. We’re focusing on creating something truly for the fans.’

We’d be surprised to learn there are many fans that want to see a continuation of Andromeda, but then again carrying on from the end of Mass Effect 3 isn’t exactly without its problems…

Mass Effect 4 artwork

This pic of the Mud Skipper is the only official image (pic: BioWare)

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Source: Metro UK

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