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GamesMaster reboot show announces three hosts – none of them are Dominik Diamond

Still the master of them all?

Who will be the new GamesMaster? (pic: Channel 4) The soon to be revived version of Channel 4’s cult video games show will feature three main hosts, but the GamesMaster is still a secret. A new series of video game show GamesMaster is still on schedule to begin soon, with three 60 minute episodes promised […]

The 90s Super Mario Bros. movie was the top-selling movie on Amazon (until it sold out)

Super Mario Bros. movie poster

Can Chris Pratt do better? With a new animated movie on the way, starring Chris Pratt, the original Bob Hoskins film has suddenly seen an upsurge of interest. Hollywood has been making movies based on video games for almost 30 years now and there still hasn’t been a properly good one. Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is […]

PS5 sales hit 1 million in UK – GAME restock due on Thursday

PS5 console

Britain’s favourite console (pic: Sony) The PS5 is now officially the fastest selling video game console ever in the UK… and you might even be able to buy one this week. You might already have assumed it was, given it’s already been named the fastest-selling console ever in the US, but the PlayStation 5 has […]

Activision Blizzard settles employment lawsuit for £13 million of chump change

Bobby Kotick

Bobby Kotick must lose that amount of money down the sofa every day (pic: Getty Images) After all the outrage over Activision Blizzard’s work practices it’s already settled with one government agency, while admitting no wrong doing. Given the multiple accusations by staff and US government agencies it seemed as if the allegations concerning Activision […]