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Xbox Series X games launch line-up officially confirmed with 30 ‘optimized’ titles

Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X consoles

Not a traditional launch line-up (pic: Microsoft) Microsoft has locked down the list of titles that will be launching alongside Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, but most aren’t new games. Although it’s seemed fairly clear for a while now Microsoft has formally announced the launch line-up of games for the Xbox Series X/S, […]

Golden Axed creator calls Sega ‘parasites’ for releasing ‘nightmare project’ on Steam

Golden Axed screenshot

Golden Axed – is Sega being unfair to the developers? (pic: Sega) The developer behind cancelled reboot Golden Axe: Reborn wasn’t told that it would be released to the public and he’s not happy about it. Sega’s announcement yesterday, that it would be releasing a game called Golden Axed for free on Steam, came as […]

Cyberpunk 2077 management ‘don’t give a flying f*** about the work balance’ claims whistleblower

Cyberpunk 2077 screenshot

Cyberpunk 2077 – out next month but at what cost? (pic: CD Projekt) A former CD Projekt employee has said developers have been in crunch for over a year, disputing management claims about working conditions. After multiple delays and years of waiting Cyberpunk 2077 is finally out next month, but as developer CD Projekt Red […]

PS4 update 8.0 causes upset as fans worry Sony is recording party chats

PS4 update 8.0

That’s not the sort of message you want to see (pic: Twitter) The new PS4 update has been criticised for not working and making party chart worse, but Sony has denied they’re listening to you talk. A new PlayStation 4 update, that makes changes to how Party and Messages work, has gone about as badly […]