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Amazon investigate after customers receive bags of rice instead of PS5

A play station 5 next to a bag of rice

Customers were left reeling after receiving their long-anticipated Plays Station 5 only to find bags of rice and other odd items (Picture: Getty, Twitter) Amazon UK customers awaiting the delivery of the new Playstation 5 have been left reeling when they were greeted by bags of rice instead of the sleek games console. Thieves appear […]

Amazon PS5 UK deliveries see console swapped for foot massager and cat food

PS5 Amazon delivery of cat food

That is not a PS5 (pic: Twitter) Many people didn’t get a chance to buy a PS5 yesterday, but it seems even those that had pre-ordered earlier didn’t get their console. Sitting at home, waiting for the delivery person to arrive, is always a tense moment but it seems that a worryingly large number of […]