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Fortnite Galactus event due tonight, as Season 5 start time and Mandalorian leaks continue

Galactus Fortnite artwork

Galactus is going to end Fortnite (pic: Epic Games) Marvel supervillain Galactus will be attempting to eat the world of Fortnite today, as Epic Games announce the event’s start time. The current season of Fortnite is about to come to an end and it looks like it’s going to be Marvel’s giant hat-wearing planet destroyer […]

Xbox boss Phil Spencer praises PS5 DualSense controller: ‘I applaud what they did’

PS5 and Xbox Series X controllers

Will Microsoft try to imitate the DualSense? (pic: Metro) The PS5’s DualSense gamepad has gained yet another fan but does that mean the Xbox might also be getting haptic feedback? Despite being the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencer has always been very generous with his praise for other companies, including rivals Nintendo and […]

‘Single player is thriving’ reveals secret leaked PS5 report

Spider-Man: Miles Morales screenshot

Spider-Man: Miles Morales – single-player by design (pic: Sony) Gamers spend more time playing offline than online but struggle to find the time, as Sony’s new approach to single-player on PS5 is revealed. Much of the PlayStation 4’s success is due to its line-up of critically acclaimed first party exclusive games, almost all of which […]