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Made in Chelsea star sells free PS5 for £1,200 as gamers brand him ‘disrespectful’

James Taylor PS5

James Taylor didn’t like his PlayingStation 5 (pic: ResetEra) Getting a free PS5 console from Sony would be a dream come true for most people, but apparently not reality star James Taylor, who claims to prefer the PS4. Made in Chelsea and Instagram star James Taylor has bragged on social media that he was sent […]

Amazon investigate after customers receive bags of rice instead of PS5

A play station 5 next to a bag of rice

Customers were left reeling after receiving their long-anticipated Plays Station 5 only to find bags of rice and other odd items (Picture: Getty, Twitter) Amazon UK customers awaiting the delivery of the new Playstation 5 have been left reeling when they were greeted by bags of rice instead of the sleek games console. Thieves appear […]