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Amazon PS5 UK deliveries see console swapped for foot massager and cat food

PS5 Amazon delivery of cat food

That is not a PS5 (pic: Twitter) Many people didn’t get a chance to buy a PS5 yesterday, but it seems even those that had pre-ordered earlier didn’t get their console. Sitting at home, waiting for the delivery person to arrive, is always a tense moment but it seems that a worryingly large number of […]

Marvel’s Avengers getting new superhero and supervillain in December

Marvel’s Avengers Kate Bishop screenshot

Can Kate Bishop turn things around for the Avengers? (pic: Square Enix) The first major slice of DLC for Square Enix’s Avengers game will be ready in early December and features Kate Bishop and Super Adaptoid. There’s been a lot of talk recently about how Marvel’s Avengers has underperformed, with the game only selling 60% […]