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Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 10 – Mission Marathon – Entropia Universe

Section 10.1:  Data Terminal

Now it is time to complete a number of scattered mission chains.  Make your way down the road toward Cape Corinth, but stop at LAT: 61732, LON: 88283 to speak with Electrician Derek.  Derek needs you to send data for some energy readings. Surveyor Sussi is present as well, and will ask you to kill twenty puny creatures.

img 5e8ad82e7d92b

Make your way north to send the data for the mission “Energy Readings.”

img 5e8ad82fc5675

Interact with the Data Terminal to send the requested data, then return to Derek.

img 5e8ad83117488

Derek will reward you with Electrician skill.

img 5e8ad832140d4

Proceed to the waypoint for the mission “Return to Sergeant Rick.”

img 5e8ad832ed287

Go to the reception desk inside the tower, on the main level.

img 5e8ad8343a928

Speak with Specialist Hastert.

img 5e8ad8357940e

Turn in your CDF Armor Voucher, located in your inventory, under the “Miscellaneous” tab (the one where your vehicle is stored).  Select a piece of armor that does not match one you already have.

img 5e8ad8369799c

You will receive an armor part worth 0.10 PED.

Section 10.2:  Revisiting CDF Outposts

Ascend the stairs and take the Televator to floor 2, then walk to the Teleporter outside.

img 5e8ad8382d8b6

Teleport to Corinth West Hangars B.

img 5e8ad83949cc2

Proceed to CDP OP Beta to turn in the mission “Nearby Threat.”  You will have a waypoint for the location if you track the mission.

img 5e8ad83a6edd0

Along the way, you can also unlock the Corinth West Hangars A Teleporter, located at LAT: 60800, LON: 86640.

img 5e8ad83bc222e

Continue toward CDP OP Beta.

img 5e8ad83cbfa70

When you arrive at the outpost, speak with Specialist Eve.  She will offer you a choice between Weapon Cells, BLP Packs, and Weapons Handling skill.  Select either the Weapon Cells or the BLP Packs to receive 2.40 PED worth of your selection.

img 5e8ad83e117e1

Proceed to CDF OP Gamma to turn in the mission “The Missing Parts.”  You will have a waypoint for the location if you track the mission.

img 5e8ad83f2fe1e

When you arrive, speak with Sergeant Rick, who will offer you a choice between Weapon Cells, BLP Packs, and Dexterity skill.  Select either the Weapon Cells or the BLP Packs to receive another 2.40 PED worth.

img 5e8ad8405a0a2

Section 10.3:  Puny Hunt – Part 1

Proceed to the nearest Teleporter, The MegaVolt, located at LAT: 59081, LON: 84466.

img 5e8ad840d2a04

You can see it in the distance if you look toward the hill behind Rick.

img 5e8ad841c0cde

When you arrive, use the Teleporter to travel to Half Moon Bay.

img 5e8ad84318a72

Enter the Half Moon Bay building.

img 5e8ad8451343b

Only if you haven’t looted any weapons from the creatures you’ve killed, sell 3 PED worth of Weapon Cells or BLP Pack, and purchase an Omegaton M2100A1 (L) from the TT.

img 5e8ad84626798

If you did loot at least one weapon, such as an EWE EP-2 Proton (L), Sollomate Rubio (L), or Sollomate Azuro (L), use it for the following missions rather than the Omegaton M2100A1 (L), which you won’t yet be skilled enough to use efficiently.

NOTE:  If you accidentally purchase an item from the TT, it can be sold back for 100% of the purchase price.

img 5e8ad847041f7

Leave the building and visit the beach to the north.

img 5e8ad847bcb2c

Open your mission log and track the following missions:

  1. Be Gone, Pests!
  2. Clear Out the Digsite
  3. Hunting Challenge:  Iron Puny Creatures
  4. Lure Them Away
  5. The Trophy Hunt
img 5e8ad8492d68c

Kill five Berycled Punies and ten Caudatergus Punies in the nearby area.  Do not kill any additional creatures at this time.

img 5e8ad84b3b5b6

After you complete the mission “The Trophy Hunt,” sweat a nearby creature until it kills you.  You should revive back at Half Moon Bay.

img 5e8ad84c98f9f

Climb the ramp at Camp Icarus and speak to Aila Bukin, who will reward you with Rifle and Anatomy skills.  Accept her next mission, and she will give you 2.10 PED in Universal Ammo and send you off to acquire five Daikiba Trophies.

img 5e8ad84e33737

Go to the waypoint for “Once More into the Wild.”  You will have to run some distance from Camp Icarus before you can spawn your vehicle.

When you arrive at the waypoint, hunt the Daikiba Cubs until you acquire the five Daikiba Trophies.

img 5e8ad84ef0fbf

If you can’t find any Daikiba Cubs at the mission location, head northwest for an additional spawn.

When you have collected the Daikiba Trophies, return to Aila Bukin at Half Moon Bay.

Once More into Wild Alex Bukin
The older Mission is on Half Moon Bay, but it moves to Camp Icarus

Section 10.4:  Starving Atrax

Upon giving Aila Bukin the trophies, she will reward you with more Rifle skill, and a mission to hunt down the Starving Atrax.  After accepting the mission, you will receive 1 PED in Universal Ammo.

Head southeast to the waypoint for “Big Game Hunting.”

When you arrive, equip your Skildek P 30 (L) and use it to kill the Starving Atrax.  You received this item on Thule; it should still be in your inventory. If it’s not, check your Thule and Calypso storages.  The Starving Atrax hits very hard and has a lot of health, so it will not be easy to defeat.

NOTE:  Weapons that inflict area of effect damage (such as the Skildek P 30 (L)) decay and consume ammunition when fired, even if no target is hit.  When using them, be careful not to misfire shots, or to continue shooting at a corpse after the creature is dead. A safe tactic is to shoot the ground just beneath the creature.

img 5e8ad8501357a

After killing the Starving Atrax, unequip the Skildek P 30 (L).  You will need it later for another strong mission creature. Return to Aila Bukin to receive your reward, Bukin’s Spare Rifle, with a TT Value of 5.25 PED + Vivo Explorer 0.05Ped.  This is a very good weapon, but you will not be skilled enough to use it yet.

img 5e8ad85113e6a

Section 10.5:  A Break From Hunting

Bukin will also ask you to speak to Bray at the bottom of the ramp.  Run toward him and a mission dialog will appear, requesting aid at a scientific outpost to the northwest.

img 5e8ad8528a75b

After accepting the mission, travel to the waypoint for the mission “To Nus Lull”

To Nus Lull

When you arrive, speak to Professor Hamill to receive Anatomy skill.

talk to professor Hamill

Speak to Hamill, who is standing the building.  He will need you to deliver Letter Sergeant Kean.

deliver hamill Letter

You will then be rewarded with 0.9 PED First Aid Skill. 

Section 10.6:  Puny Hunt – Part 2

Use the Teleporter to travel to Corinth West Hangars A.

img 5e8ad853d9e7b

Proceed northwest toward CDF OP Beta, located at LAT: 60571, LON: 86834.

img 5e8ad855c3be8

When you arrive, start hunting the nearby Cornudos Punies until you complete the mission “Lure Them Away.”  You will also complete “Hunting Challenge: Iron Puny Creatures” in the process. You can transition to the next mission in the chain, “Hunting Challenges,” without returning to the NPC.  Continue hunting the Cornudos until you finish this mission as well.

img 5e8ad85717460

When you collect all 300 Smelly Goo, return to Specialist Eve at CDF OP Beta.  Your reward will be a choice between Weapon Cells, BLP Packs, and Anatomy skill.  Choose either the Weapon Cells or the BLP Packs to receive 4.80 PED worth of your selection.

img 5e8ad858c3b17

Make your way to the Corinth West Hangars A Teleporter, located at LAT: 60800, LON: 86640.

img 5e8ad85a01ba0

Use the Teleporter to travel to Cape Corinth, then take the Televator to the bottom of the tower.  Alternatively, you can leap off the side of the building near the Teleporter and revive at the bottom.

img 5e8ad85b3d650

Head north to the waypoint for “Be Gone, Pests!”

img 5e8ad85c83684

Speak to Surveyor Sussi to turn in the mission.  She will reward you with 0.16 PED in Universal Ammo.  Then return to the Cape Corinth Teleporter.

img 5e8ad85dcdc3a

Use the Teleporter to travel to Camp Icarus and open your mission log.  Make sure you are tracking the mission “Clear Out the Digsite.”

img 5e8ad85f377fc

Travel northeast and start hunting the Berycled Punies.  Try to not waste ammunition on other creatures.

This would be a good time to get accustomed to swunting.  If you’re not in a huge hurry to finish the mission chain, refer to Section 11.2 for a detailed explanation of swunting.

When your weapon breaks, switch to any EWE EP-2 Proton (L), Sollomate Rubio (L), or Sollomate Azuro (L) guns you have looted.  If you have none of these, switch to Bukin’s Spare Rifle. Do not use any TT weapons here. If you loot a weapon during this hunt, switch to it immediately.

img 5e8ad86136ff5

NOTE:  Overkill should generally be minimized at all costs.  Every excessive point of damage inflicted to a mob results in wasted PED, so delivering as little surplus damage as possible on the finishing blow is important for maximizing profit.  Since your Bukin’s Spare Rifle was free, you can just focus on finishing the mission chain for now, but if you start hunting more often, you’ll want to switch to a lower damage weapon to finish itch to a lower damage weach kill.

img 5e8ad861dcb05

Convert your Shrapnel into Universal Ammo again if you run out of firepower.  If you also run out of Shrapnel, sell some items to the TT and buy traditional ammunition.

NOTE:  You should only TT low markup items, such as Animal Muscle Oil and BLP Packs.  Your other items should be stored, and eventually sold to other players for a higher price.

img 5e8ad8628cb3b
img 5e8ad8637d8c3

You can also try to sell the CDF Scout armor you’ve earned.  In chat, say something along the lines of “Selling CDF Scout Shin Guards (F) for 1 PED.”

NOTE:  The (F) tag in an item name signifies that the item can be used only by female avatars, while the (M) tag is used for male-only items.

Try to get at least 1 PED for each piece of armor.  You can also try to sell them in the global trade channel, where more people will see your offer.  Type /join #trade into the Main Chat to join the channel, and post your message there as well.

Selling the armor is not required; you may keep it if you wish.  However, you will receive a better set of armor for free if you complete the discipleship process, and in any case, using armor is not yet cost effective for you.

img 5e8ad86479636

Continue to hunt the Berycled Punies until you finish the mission “Clear Out the Digsite.”

img 5e8ad86527f12

Once you have completed the 300 kills, return to the nearest Teleporter and travel to The MegaVolt.

img 5e8ad8667946c

Return to Private Brian, positioned at the waypoint for “Clear Out the Digsite.”

img 5e8ad867cf1af

When you arrive at CDF OP Delta and speak to Private Brian, you will have a choice between Weapon Cells, BLP Packs, or Laser Weapon Technology skill.  Choose the Weapon Cells or BLP Packs to receive 2.40 PED worth of your selection.

img 5e8ad868f2ca6