Planet Calypso Newcomer Walkthrough Chap 8 – Sabakuma Slay – Entropia Universe

Section 8.1:  Outside the Sabakuma Tunnels

Make your way back to the Port Atlantis Teleporter.

img 5e8af8830d277

Use the Teleporter to travel to Half Moon Cove.

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When you arrive at Half Moon Cove, speak to Foreman Sanders.  He will give you 0.70 PED in Universal Ammo and ask you to recover a Detectonator.

img 5e8af8852f996

Navigate to the waypoint and retrieve the abandoned Detectonator.

img 5e8af886aa2d1

Operate the Detectonator to pick it up.  Kill eight of the Sabakumas. Then bring the Detectonator back to Sanders.

img 5e8af8880873d

Sanders will reward you with some Anatomy skill and 2 PED in Universal Ammo.

Section 8.2:  Inside the Sabakuma Tunnels

He will then ask you to enter the nearby tunnels and fight the Broodmother inside.

img 5e8af8891d5e8

Travel to and enter the tunnels indicated by the waypoint.

img 5e8af889e0052

Kill the Broodmother, then exit the tunnels and return to Forman Sanders.

img 5e8af88b343f1

Foreman Sanders will reward you with 0.50 PED in Universal Ammo and ask you to speak to Technician Larchi.

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