PS5 coloured faceplates on sale now but not from Sony

PS5 PlateStation 5 black faceplate

Back in black (Pic: PlateStation 5)

A series of unofficial PlayStation 5 faceplates can now be pre-ordered in one of five colours, for both versions of the console.

When the PlayStation 5 was first revealed, not everybody was on board with the crisp white colouring.

Once it was discovered that the console’s faceplates could be removed, many hoped this meant Sony would release alternate plates with different colours or patterns.

Now, you can pre-order exactly that, albeit in an unofficial capacity, courtesy of third party company PlateStation 5.

According to its website, the plates are being sold for £32 and there are currently five available colours: cherry red, chromatic, indigo blue, jungle camo, and matte black, though that last one is listed as being limited edition.

There are options for both the standard console and the digital one, so you can order one for whichever version of the console you’ve pre-ordered or intend to get.

The shipping policy states that the aim is to have pre-orders delivered on or before the PlayStation 5’s release in America, November 12, meaning that they should arrive within five to seven days after that date.

The company adds that it will offer full refunds if you’re unhappy with the product, provided you request it within 10 days of receiving your order.

Third party accessories are nothing new and, given peoples’ desire for different colours, this is a smart move on PlateStation 5’s part.

The question, though, is whether Sony intends on offering the same thing down the line. At the time of writing, there’s nothing official to suggest that Sony will sell its own faceplates, though there have been rumours of a black PlayStation 5 floating about.

At least these unofficial faceplates are a more affordable alternative to the also unofficial golden PlayStation 5, which costs nearly £8,000.

The PlayStation 5 will release in the UK on November 19.

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