PS5 consoles are being delivered early in UK and Ireland

PS5 early delivery

The luck of the Irish (pic: Reddit)

Reports are emerging that some retailers are sending out PlayStation 5 consoles early, especially from Smyths in Ireland.

It may already be out in the rest of the world but officially the PlayStation 5 doesn’t launch in Europe until tomorrow, November 19. Unless you happen to get lucky with whoever you’ve pre-ordered from.

It doesn’t seem widespread but two fans in Ireland, who both pre-ordered from Smyths, have reported receiving their consoles already.

There’s also unconfirmed reports from those who pre-ordered from Currys PC World in the UK being offered the chance to upgrade their delivery options to receive the PlayStation 5 today.

We’ve also heard from one of our readers, who received an email from Currys PC World indicating that his delivery would take place on Tuesday. Although in the end it never happened and the email seems to have been a mistake on the part of Currys.

The Irish deliveries have been confirmed though, with the lucky owners posting images on Reddit. Given the only confirmed reports are from people that ordered from Smyths it seems likely that some kind of mix-up happened locally and that’s why it’s not more widespread.

This is not something Sony is likely to be too upset about, and the consoles seem to work fine, so those fans can just chalk it down to good luck and enjoy an extra couple of days’ next gen entertainment.

The more important issue for those that haven’t pre-ordered is whether there’ll be new stock of the console on Thursday, but although both Amazon and GAME have implied there will be it’s likely to be still quite limited.

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Source: Metro UK

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