PS5 stock due tomorrow for BT and EE in UK – Argos and Amazon later this week

PS5 console

Let’s hope there’s plenty of stock (pic: Sony)

There’s been no sign of new stock for the PS5 since Currys ran out, but rumours suggest that multiple other shops should get more in soon.

Since before Christmas there’s been rumours that there would be a major new influx of stock for the PlayStation 5 around mid-January but while shops like GAME and Currys have had more consoles in they’ve ran out so quickly that it’s only really benefited scalpers.

There’s no official word on when more will arrive but Twitter account PS5 UK Stock – Instant Updates, which has proven accurate in the past, believes that BT and EE will get more consoles tomorrow, Thursday 21st.

Buying via BT proved to be one of the most successful routes to getting a PlayStation 5 at launch, although it does require you being an existing BT Broadband or EE mobile customer.

If BT isn’t an option for you then the same source claims that Argos has stock and will put it up for sale soon, along with Very, Hughes, JD Williams,, and Amazon Europe.

Smyths will apparently have the Digital Edition as well but there’s no exact time or date for any of the retailers, or indeed any guarantee that the Twitter account is accurate.

If you want to avoid paying eBay prices these might be your last best chance for a while though, as it’s not clear when more stock will appear again after this month.

Hopefully it’ll become less and less rare as the weeks go by but Sony has offered no guarantees of that and in fact has been very quiet on the whole stock situation in general, with no indication of when the console might become less scarce or why they haven’t tried to do anything about scalpers.

Microsoft are in a similar situation with the Xbox Series X, as while the cheaper and less powerful Xbox Series S has popped up for sale a few times its more powerful sibling has proven just as elusive as the PlayStation 5.

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Source: Metro UK

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