PS5 UK restock at PlayStation Direct today – how to sign up for an invite

PS5 Digital Edition console retail box

Sony are selling PS5s themselves now (pic: Sony)

Sony themselves are now selling PS5 consoles in the UK, but you’ll have to sign up to get an invite to buy one.

As we reach peak gift buying season the number of restocks of the PlayStation 5 are getting more and more frequent, but this week it’s Sony themselves that has them in.

They’ve only recently set up the PlayStation Direct service in the UK but if you’ve already signed up to it then you may (or may not) have received a private invitation email on Saturday to buy a PlayStation 5 on Monday, November 22 between 8am and 10am.

If you haven’t signed up for PlayStation Direct yet then it’s probably too late to get an invite for Tuesday (although you might as well try your luck) but you should be in with a chance next time.

According to stock checker PS5 Stock UK some people also received emails on Sunday to buy consoles on Tuesday, November 23. Which must mean Sony has quite a lot of stock and is, sensibly, trying to spread it out a bit.

If they have enough left over it’s possible that on both days Sony may also offer consoles to those without an invite after 10am. There’s no guarantee of that but if you want one then it’s definitely worth checking the official website then.

How to get a PS Direct invitation in the UK

Signing up for PlayStation Direct emails is easy, the problem is that it doesn’t necessary guarantee you’ll get an invite, since it’s all random. First you have to sign up at the PlayStation Direct website but you also have to make sure you have email notifications enabled, which is controlled from a different website.

  1. Go to the PlayStation account website and sign in – or if you haven’t registered an account yet do so.
  2. Click Account Settings from your main menu, it’ll be the one with your avatar on it or a greyed out smiley face if you haven’t set one up.
  3. Select Notifications and make sure the ‘Receive Email Notifications’ options is ticked.
  4. That’s it. Now just hope you’re lucky enough to get picked for a random invite.

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