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PSVR classic Moss and its sequel will be launch titles for PSVR2 – no free upgrade

Moss: Book 2 screenshot

Moss: Book 2 – more Moss is a good thing but some may balk at needing to double dip on both games (pic: Polyarc)

Two of the best PSVR games will see an enhanced re-release for the PSVR2 when it launches in February, with pre-orders already live.

One notable downside to Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset is that games made for the previous headset are incompatible, so there’s no backwards compatibility.

As a result, though, several PlayStation VR games are seeing re-releases for the newer headset, such as Resident Evil Village and No Man’s Sky.

This now includes two of the best titles made for the original headset: adventure game Moss and its sequel, Moss: Book 2. Both of which will be launch titles alongside the hardware in February.

Confirmed earlier today by developer Polyarc, pre-orders for both games are also available. If you’re subscribed to PlayStation Plus, you’ll receive a 10% discount on your pre-order.

There’s a Moss bundle as well, for those who want to pre-order both games, which will save you 20%, and PS Plus subscribers will keep their 10% discount on top of that too.

On their own, each game costs £21.99 on the PlayStation Store, whereas the bundle costs £32.49.

‘Since learning about and getting our hands on PSVR2 hardware earlier this year, we’ve experimented with its new tech features and perfected ways to increase the immersion players feel in the world of Moss,’ says designer Doug Barton.

‘Along with that, the team was able to pump even more visual detail into every character and environment with more lighting and texture improvements that make the already stunning environments sing even more on the PSVR2.’

Moss on PSVR2 castle hallway

Moss – the lighting is already a major improvement on PSVR2 (pic: Polyarc)

Polyarc states that these enhanced versions will boast improved haptics, adaptive triggers, and eye tracking. That last one means interactive objects will now glow slightly when you look at them and you’ll be kept informed of where main character Quill is, so she can give you hints.

For those unfamiliar with the games, Moss and its sequel see you guide a mouse named Quill through the fantasy land of Moss. Both games are not only technically impressive, sporting some gorgeous visuals, but they offer clever puzzles too. Our only real gripe with them is that they’re too short.

Polyarc makes no mention of offering free upgrades to those who already own either game, so current fans will need to double dip if they want to experience these enhanced versions on the newer hardware.

Moss and Moss: Book 2 will launch for PSVR2 in February 2023.

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