PT demo will not work on PS5 confirms Konami

P.T. title screen

PT seems destined to remain on PS4 (pic: Konami)

One of the scariest – and rarest – video games of all time is not going to make the move to the next gen, making it even harder to experience.

As we get closer to Halloween there’s been the expected number of new horror games and seasonal updates to ongoing titles, with the highest profile so far being Amnesia: Rebirth.

But for many the scariest video of all time is not a full release but a demo, of what would have been called Silent Hills if Konami had not decided to cancel it and hound creator Hideo Kojima out of the company.

Not only that but they tried to erase all evidence of the game’s existence, delisting the demo, known as PT (playable teaser) from the PlayStation store and refusing to let anyone else download it – which is now confirmed to mean that it won’t be backwards compatible on PlayStation 5.

You can no longer download PT on PlayStation 4 if you didn’t get the game when it was first made available, which means that PlayStation 4 consoles with PT installed can go for a fortune on eBay (upwards of £600 at the moment).

Fans were hopeful that the game could be transferred over to the PlayStation 5, since it doesn’t appear on the list of incompatible titles and you can transfer digital games from a PlayStation 4 to a PlayStation 5 wirelessly – bypassing the store.

Unfortunately though Konami has now dashed those hopes, telling Games Radar that, ‘the content will not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5.’

Like Xbox games, it seems backwards compatible PlayStation 4 titles have to download a small patch to run on the PlayStation 5 and this won’t be available for PT.

Whether fans will find a workaround remains to be seen – you can bet they’ll certainly try – but the next gen is looking grim for PT.

That means there’s officially no way to play PT except on a PlayStation 4, with Konami even forcing fans to take down PC remakes.

Given how good PT is, and what that implied for Silent Hills, it’s all a terrible shame, although Hideo Kojima has been hinting that he plans to make a new horror game in the future, which may work along similar lines.

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Source: Metro UK

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