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Best Equipment Rok Set For Each Faction


Advanced Equipment Guide Cavalry Equipment Rok Set Equipment Vanguard Halberd Abyssal Visage Infantry Breastplate Iset’s Sufferance Vanguard Greaves Edged Boots Boosts: Attack 18.5% Defense 6.5% HP 15% Estimated Time 5.5 Days 72 Days 3.5 Days 48 Days 3.5 Days 2,5 Days 135 Days The best amount of stat boost with the least amount of time […]

Tip for growing up to VIP 14 for those who pay less in Rok


When up to VIP 14, which means you will get 2 legendary commander sculptures for free each day. Every month, there will be 60 free legendary commander sculptures. If you have a Legendary Commander, it is easy to max it so quickly. This guide below is a very interesting tip to help reaching VIP14 for […]

New Charlemagne Talent Tree Builds

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Charlemagne Rarity: Legendary France| Pater Europae Leadership | Conquering | Skill Charlemagne, also known as Charles the Great, (2 April 742 – 28 January 814), united the majority of western and central Europe in what became known as the Carolingian Empire, the first major empire in western Europe since the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Charlemagne was the eldest […]

New 2 Takeda Talent Tree Builds

rok takeda shingen

Takeda Shingen Rarity: Legendary Japan / The Tiger of Kai Cavalry | Versatility | Mobility Takeda Shingen, original name Takeda Harunobu, (born December 1, 1521, Kai province [now Yamanashi prefecture], Japan—died May 13, 1573. Komaba, Shlnano province [now Nagano prefecture], daimyo (feudal lord) and one of the most famous military leaders of Japan, who struggled for mastery of the strategic Kanté […]



Pairing Commanders can make huge affect to the war in Rise of Kingdoms. If using the wrong commander as your secondary commander, it can put you on a disadvantage. In this guide, we wanted to show you the best option of secondary commanders to use for each situation in game such as Rally, Open Field, Defense and Barbarians. We […]

New Edward Talent Tree Builds

edward of woodstock 1

Edward of Woodstock  Britain| The Black Prince Archer | Versatility| Skill Edward of Woodstock, known to history as the Black Prince, was the eldest son of King Edward III of England, and one of the most successful English commanders during the Hundred Years’ War. He died before his father, and so while he never became king, Edward was […]